Phyto-gens - Phytotherapy

Phyto-gens from UNDA Seroyal
Highly potent synergistic combinations of embryological plant tissues.
  • Extractions with water, alcohol and natural glycerine ensures harnessing the full spectrum of phytotherapeutic and energetic properties.

  • Undiluted 1:20 extracts

  • Delivers the highest concentration of active extracts from developong buds and shootlets

  • Certified organic by ECOCERT

You can select a product from the list below or use the search feature.
Aller-gen - Allergies
Antia-gen - Anti Aging Restorative
Antioxi-gen - Antioxidant & Free Radical Quenching
Bone-gen - Bone Health and Reminerization
Calm-gen - Anxiety & Psychosomatic Conditions
Cartila-gen - Strengthens & Rebuilds Cartilage
Circu-gen - Lymphatic & Venous Tonic
Digest-gen - Digestive Disorders
Fluid-gen - Reduce Hyper-coagulability
Ginkgogen - Improve Mental Function & Alertness
Growth-gen - Remineralization & Bone Strengthening
Hemo-gen - Anemia Remedy
Hyper-gen - Relax the Nervous System
Hypo-gen - Hypothyroid Remedy
Immuno-gen - Strengthen the Immune System
Meno-gen - Menopause
Metabolo-gen - Regulates Cholesterol
Micro-gen - Strengthen the Arterial System
Osteo-gen - Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis
Pregnan-gen - Pregnancy Support
Pulmo-gen - Respiratory Remedy
Spasm-gen - Relax Spasms of Muscles & Nerves
Trauma-gen - Nervous System Seditive
Uric-gen - Eliminate Uric Acid