PEKANA Comprehensive Detox Program

PEKANA Comprehensive Detox Program

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Pekana Comprehensive Detox Program - Homeopathic detoxification and drainage of the major organs of elimination. This whole-body homeopathic detoxification program is for the stimulation and detoxification of the liver, lymphatics & kidneys.*

For the stimulation and detoxification of the liver, spleen, kidneys, lymph, pancreas and stomach. It treats afflictions of the gastrointestinal tract and regulates stomach function, including proper acid regulation and stomach secretion. It stimulates the excretion of toxins from the entire body*

Kit Contains 1 bottle each of:

• Liver Drainage - apo Hepat*
• Kidney Drainage - Renelix*
• Lymphatic Drainage - Itiresl*
• Spleen Drainage- Ailgeno*
• Stomach Drainage - apo-Stom*
• Pancreatic Drainage - Speci Chol*
• Full Body Detox - Mundipur*


Purchase Policy for This Product

This product requires a doctors permission.*

In order to purchase this prodcut you can either have your doctor contact our office and give us permission; or, you can schedule a complementary introductory 15 minute consultation with Dr. Forrest. (Consults longer then 15 minutes are charged at $75 per each 15 minutes.) *

  1. Phone us at 408.354.4262*
  2. Email to*
  3. Fax to 408.354.4224*

Thanks for your understanding.

Comprehensive Detox Program

Small Kit Contains 1 bottle each of:

• Liver Drainage - apo Hepat 50 mI. 
• Kidney Drainage - Renelix 50 mI.
• Lymphatic Drainage - Itires 50 ml
• Spleen Drainage- Ailgeno - 50ml
• Stomach Drainage - apo-Stom 50 ml
• Pancreatic Drainage - Speci Chol 50ml
• Full Body Detox - Mundipur

Large Kit Contains:

• 1 Liver Drainage - apo Hepat 100 mI. 
• 1 Kidney Drainage - Renelix 100 mI.
• 1 Lymphatic Drainage - Itires 100 ml
• 2 Spleen Drainage- Ailgeno - 50ml
• 2 Stomach Drainage - apo-Stom 50 ml
• 2 Pancreatic Drainage - Speci-Chol 50ml
• 2 Full Body Detox - Mundipur

All  homeopathic remedies: 10-20 drops 2 times per day directly, in liquid, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Start with less drops and work up to full dose.

Recommend at least 3 months.

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