Ortho-K Thick Eye Drops 0.5 oz

Ortho-K Thick Eye Drops 0.5 oz

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Ortho-K Thick (Night) Eye Drops 0.5 oz | Natural Ophthalmics

Ortho-K Thick (Night) Eye Drops 0.5 oz is on a vendor back order currently therefor any back orders have been canceled and you were not charged. There is no ETA as of right now we do expect that item out of stock for quite a while.

Night Time Formulas

The leading challenges for contact lens patient compliance are dry eye, allergy, foreign body sensation and inflammation.*

These drops contain powerful ingredients to stimulate tear film production, counteract irritation, halt allergies and reduce foreign body sensation. Homeopathic Calendula is known to support corneal health and is indicated for corneal abrasions and erosions. The Night Time Gel reduces mechanical irritation. The clarifying Day Time Drop is preservative free and used as often as needed to alleviate dry, red, itchy, irritated eyes and is also OK with soft contacts. Homeopathic drops are safe for children and nursing/pregnant women*

Ortho-K Thick (Night) Eye Drops 0.5 oz | Natural Ophthalmics


Night Time:Instill one drop on the inside of the lens prior to insertion, and if desired, one drop on top of the lens after insertion.

Day Time:Instill one or two drops in the affected eye(s) upon waking to facilitate lens removal and to clarify vision from the Night Time Gel. Use as often as needed throughout the day to alleviate dryness, redness or discomfort.


Day Time: 15 mlNight Time: 10 ml

Active Ingredients:

H.P.U.S. Registered Active Homeopathic Ingredients: Alumina 12x; Apis 6x, 12x, Arsenicum a. 8x; calc. phos. 12x; Calendula 7x; Euphrasia (Eyebright) 6x; Staphysagria 7x, 12x; Sulphur 8x. Inactive ingredients: purified water; sodium chloride; cosmocil cq; hypromellose; citrates.

Dryness due to lack of aqueous Dryness due to inflammation Pain, redness, edema, allergies General dryness, redness and irritation of the eye and lids Foreign body sensation

Foreign body sensation Dryness, redness

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Day Time and Night Time Formulas

Q: How are these drops different from other eye drops?

A: Most other eye drops are lubricant artificial replacement tears. Our drops do not attempt to replace tears, but work therapeutically to stimulate your eyes to moisturize with their own mechanisms. This should be the first line of treatment, especially before prescription anti-inflammatory drugs such as Restasis, which suppress the immune system and can cause side effects.

Q: How often can I use these drops?

A: The Night Time Gel is to be used just before going to bed. They can be reapplied in the middle of the night if needed. Use the Day Time Relief drops as often as necessary. In fact you should let your symptoms be your guide. Since these drops stimulate your body's own ability to eliminate symptoms, you should use them right when you first notice the symptoms returning.

Q: I can buy eye drops cheap in the stores, why should I go to my doctor to get Natural Ophthalmic eye drops?

A: Natural Ophthalmics' drops are professional quality drops and have at least nine advantages over drug store drops and other homeopathic drops. Other than the points above, a few examples include: preservative free; 15 ml bottle gives you more for your money; stronger, symptom specific formulas for men & women; powerful potencies; ok with contact lenses in; safe for children & pregnant, nursing women; no rebound redness effect

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