Our Detoxification Protocol is simple to follow, highly effective and helps you more ways than the US FDA would allow us to admit… 

Way back when I formulated StemDetox, my goal was to have the most potent bio/wildcrafted capsules full with goodness and greatness, all the 110 ingredients of it that have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic, plus toxic mobilizing effects. The powerful synergy between Glutathione and EDTA (over three times more toxins removed) rewrites chelation as we knew it (ToxDetox). Together with the broad effects of Activated Charcoal (StopReabsorb) accelerates a powerful change on the cellular level and pushed our Detoxification Program above the crowd. 

Did you know that Activated Charcoal enhanced the life-expectancy of laboratory rats by an extra 30%.[5] 

‘Come alive’ by going through our Detoxification Program. 

I wish that you should be ready with a healthy body, sharp mind, and elevated spirit when you have to face some of the greatest challenges coming your way. 

Let’s swim against the current, 

Dr. Thomas Janossy 
founder and president