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Optizen 24 | Ormed

OPTIZEN 24, a Microspheres extraction of herbs and zinc sulfate, helps relieve anxiety disorders, including excessive worry, and promote sound sleep. *

Developed by Iderne pharmaceuticals in France, Microspheres (also called Phytomicrospheres) are made using a special plant ber that acts as a carrier to bring herbal constituents into the blood stream unattenuated. As a result, nothing is lost from the extraction process. The microspheres contain no excipients, and they transport the phytochemicals to the serum without degradation from the digestive tract.*

The Microspheres process has been designated an ethical medical modality that will replace the use of tinctures in phytotherapy practice by the European Union. Iderne Pharmaceuticals has produced a number of compounds including one designated as a treatment for diabetes by the European Union *

Optizen 24 | Ormed

Ingredient Pro le
Griffonia seed (Griffonia simplicifolia) Rhodiola root (Rhodiola rosea)
Bamboo resin (Bambusa arundinacea) Gentian root (Gentiana lutea)
Melissa owering tops (Melissa of cinalis) Zinc (Zinc sulfate) 10 mg

60 Microspheres capsules
Recommended dose: one capsule twice a day

Clinical Pearl: Take one capsule before bed for a better’s night sleep. Sensitive patients can open the capsule and take smaller amounts if necessary 


Griffonia is a botanical source of 5-HTP

Griffonia simplicifolia is found principally in the West African countries of Ghana, Ivory Coast and Togo. The seeds of the plant are used as a herbal supplement for their 5-hydroxytryptophan content (5-HTP). AS noted above, 5-HTP is an important building block for the human body to form serotonin. It is commonly used for mild insomnia, migraine headaches and as a weight loss therapy. It has been demonstrated to reduce the pain and anxiety associated with bromyalgia. 5-HTP also seems to work for mild depression, and is effective in uncomplicated insomnia. At higher doses, 5-HTP has been shown to reduce appetite and promote weight loss

Rhodiola stimulates neurotransmitter synthesis

Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) is an adaptogenic herb that can increase serotonin activity. Rhodiola also increases the activity of two other mood-related neurotransmitters, dopamine and norepinephrine. Within a few days, use of Rhodiola has been shown to produce increased energy and motivation, reduce anxiety, and elevate feelings of con dence and optimism. A placebo-controlled study found Rhodiola effective for patients with mild to moder- ate depression. In the Soviet Union scientists used rhodiola to help soldiers improve mood, brain function and physical performance.

Bamboo (Bambusa arundinacea)

The bamboo resin (tabasheer, banshalochan) has astringent, acrid, sweet, cooling, expectorant, cardiotonic, haemostatic, aphrodisiac, and diuretic properties. Bamboo is a very important ingredient in many Chinese medi- cines, with a variety of indications including calming the mind.

Gentian (Gentiana lutea)

Gentian is traditionally used as a febrifuge, general antispasmodic, anti-in ammatory (stomach and colon), cica- trisant for digestive mucosa, antigastritic, gastric hemostatic, aperitif, eupeptic and digestive. Recent research at the University of Geneva shows that it has antidepressant qualities similar to St. John’s Wort.

Melissa (Melissa of cinalis)

A research literature review concluded that extracts of Melissa of cinalis have effective anxiolytic activity in reducing stress and physiological disturbances due to its direct interaction with the CNS and the cholinergic and GABAergic systems. Some authors suggest it is active on the GABAergic system and others on the cholinergic system. Melissa’s sedative properties, including a reduction of stress, agitation, and anxiety have been widely explored.

Use caution with 5-HTP if you are taking prescription antidepressant medications 


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