Holistica Oligophytum Trace Elements

Holistica Oligophytum  Trace Elements

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Holistica Oligophytum  Trace Elements

Trace elements are chemical elements which are essential in minute quantity to maintain a normal state of health.*

Unlike mineral salts, trace element ions are characterised by the fact that they do not have building functions but are present in the composition of organic molecules which have specific activity. It is because of these characteristics that they are also called catalytic elements. The trace elements, which are undoubtedly essential for the health and productivity of animals, include iron, copper, cobalt, manganese, zinc, selenium, fluorine, and also iodine.*

Many of these play a role in enzyme systems and within the structure of hormones*

Calcium :
Calcium is the ion present in largest amounts in the body, 1 kg being found in an adult. 99% of calcium is stored in the skeleton and provides the skeleton with rigidity. The rest of the calcium is involved in blood coagulation and both enzyme and hormone functions. It also plays a major role in muscle contraction and in the functioning of heart muscle.*

Calcium concentrations must stay around 10 mg/100 ml. Cows' milk, which is naturally designed for the calf, is not strictly the best source of calcium for human beings. Dried fruits, vegetables and wild plants contain significant amounts of calcium. Nettle has been used to offer dynamic ionic calcium in

Chromium :
Chromium is a silver-white coloured metal which can be polished and is relatively hard. It is found widely in small quantities in nature. Chromium is believed to be involved in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and to be a cofactor for insulin. In terms of body organs, the highest tissue concentrations are found in liver, testicles, ovaries, matrix, spleen, lymphocytes and bone system (reserves). Chromium is obtained in the diet from cress and also in Paraguay tea (maté) which HOLISTICA® uses in OLIGOPHYTUM CHROME®.*

Cobalt :
Cobalt is a trace element known especially for its role as a cofactor for vitamin B12. It is found in certain enzymes. The sources of cobalt are lentils, apricot and artichoke. Lentils are used in OLIGOPHYTUM COBALT®, for the valuable amounts of ionic cobalt which they contain.*

Copper :
The adult body contains 100 to 150 mg of copper, found particularly in the liver, kidneys and central nervous system.
Copper is a trace element which is involved in the formation of bone, melanin for the complexion and haemoglobin by association with iron. Apart from these three actions, copper is also essential for the activity of vitamin C. Copper is found in crustaceans and shellfish, mushrooms, and certain plants such as hawthorn, present in the composition of OLIGOPHYTUM COPPER®.*

Iron :
Iron is a trace element present in the body; an adult contains 4g. Iron is contained in haemoglobin and is also stored for times of deficiency. Iron comes from vegetables and meat. The body also recycles iron from old blood cells.*

Iron is unusual in that it is absolutely essential for a large number of vital functions.*
The body contains 3 to 5 g of iron. Iron occupies an intermediary position between minerals and trace elements as it is present at markedly higher quantities than most of the true trace elements.*
It is used for the synthesis of haem and is also present in the composition of myoglobin and also in the composition of enzymes (catalase, peroxidases, cytochromes etc).*

Substances which are richest in iron are liver, chocolate, parsley, oysters and dry vegetables such as haricot beans. HOLISTICA® has create OLIGOPHYTUM FER ® from an extract of haricot beans which are naturally rich in iron ions.*

Fluorine :
Fluorine is found in the animal kingdom, particularly in bones and teeth, which it makes more resistant. It is very widely distributed throughout nature and its place in nutrition is becoming increasingly well understood..*
Throughout our lives fluorine promotes remineralisation of the surface of teeth attacked by dental plaque and acts to counter the formation of caries. Apart from external application (toothpastes) best protection is provided by ingesting it.
Natural sources of fluorine are spinach, tea and dandelion; dandelion is used in OLIGOPHYTUM FLUORINE ®.*

Iodine :
Iodine is the trace element which is essential for the correct functioning of the thyroid gland.*
Adults contain 30 to 50 mg of iodine, 10 to 15 mg of which are in the thyroid gland. Many plants contain iodine, particularly the edible algae such as fucus, used as the base ingredient in the composition of

Lithium :
Lithium is a halogen, the physiological role of which has recently been identified.*
It is used in high concentrations, obtained by chemical synthesis, therapeutically in manic depressive psychosis and may compete with iodine in the thyroid gland. In nutritional terms, lithium is found in small quantities in beetroot and also in salads, radishes and certain crustaceans. HOLISTICA® chose beetroot in designing OLIGOPHYTUM LITHIUM® which helps to provide this micro nutrient.*

Magnesium :
Magnesium is contained in many plants such as dry vegetables and more specifically in non-cultivated plants, which can take it up from the soil. It is also present in seafood and chocolate. It is the magnesium taken up in cocoa which is used in OLIGOPHYTUM MAGNÉSIUM®. Magnesium ions are involved as catalysts in many organ functions. As a trace element it plays an important role in relaxation in general.*

Gold :
Gold is a shiny yellow metal which, when very finely fragmented, may be black, purple or red. Gold does not oxidise in air or water and is not attacked by the action of a strong acid, even very concentrated and hot. Gold is obtained from certain foods which contain almost infinitesimally small but useful particles and is bound in the body by the spleen, bone marrow and liver. Gold is involved in tissue healing. Brewer's yeast is a major natural source of gold and is therefore used to produce OLIGOPHYTUM OR ® which is valuable to people who wish to look after their circulatory balance.*

Selenium :
This is an element with similar chemical and physical characteristics to those of sulphur, although it is more metallic in nature. Selenium is found in nature, usually associated with certain sulphur-containing minerals of iron, lead and copper.*
The body contains 3 to 20 mg of selenium, depending on the soil content. It is found in muscles, bone and liver. In certain regions of the world where soil and foods contain very small amounts of selenium, it has been noticed that the population developed earlier whitening of hair than in the rest of the world.*

Selenium is present in glutathione-peroxidase, an enzyme which acts as an intracellular antioxidant, similar to the action of vitamin E. It is believed to have a role in natural body defences. Selenium is found in wholemeal wheat, poultry and fish, and in vegetables such as garlic. HOLISTICA® uses garlic as the starting material in the manufacture of OLIGOPHYTUM SÉLÉNIUM®.*

Silica :
This trace element plays an important role in the formation and correct maintenance of bones, tendons, skin, hair, nails and vessels. All plants contain silica, and very particularly, the horsetail used in the manufacture of OLIGOPHYTUM SILICE®.*

Sulphur :
Sulphur is very widespread in the body and plays a key role in the formation of disulphide bridges. It is one of the elements of tertiary protein structure.*

It is a constituent of heparin, glutathione and CoA and is a particularly useful trace element in liver waste removal functions.
It creates high energy bonds (Acetyl CoA) and sulphur is also a trace element which is required for the formation of bone, tendons, joints and teeth. Sulphur sources include all foods containing cystine, cysteine and methionine such as horseradish, garlic, onion, and many others. Horseradish is used in the OLIGOPHYTUM SOUFRE® micro tablets to help cleanse the liver.*

Zinc :
Human beings contain approximately 2 g of zinc.*
As a trace element, zinc takes part in many metabolic reactions. It is used in the manufacture of red blood cells and takes part in the work done by the pituitary gland and genital glands. It is also involved in enzyme reactions and in the functioning of the pancreas.*

Its functions do not, however, stop there and it is believed to be involved in the production of T lymphocytes and therefore to play a role in defences. It is one of the constituents of superoxide dismutase (SOD), an enzyme which protects cells against the damaging effects of free radicals, ageing factors.*

It is present in many plant and animal foods. Cress is used as the source of zinc in OLIGOPHYTUM ZINC ®.*

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