Nomad Genotype

Nomad Genotype Supplements

Nutritional supplements and herbs for the Nomad Genotype by Dr. Peter D'Adamo.

An uncommon Epigenotype largely blood type B, Nomads tend to be large-boned, and their BMI and waist to hip ratios are often higher than average, but this isn't necessarily an indication of excess fat, but rather muscularity. Shorter Nomads have lankier builds, with less muscular necks and upper bodies. Most tall Nomads have broad, balanced facial and nose shapes and often have squarer jaws. Shorter Nomads tend to have more even features and rounder jaw lines. Nomad women tend to be taller than average while the men appear to be somewhat shorter than the norm.

A hallmark of the Nomad, especially the male, is the presence of 'white lines' throughout the fingerprint area. Fingerprint patterns are pretty much fixed by the time you're born (which is why they're so useful to law enforcement!). What does change, though, is the height of your fingerprint ridges, the texture of your fingers that gives you fingerprints in the first place. Ridge height is dynamic, and it's often a very strong indicator of what's going on in your digestive system. Low ridges often indicate disruption in the lining of your intestinal tract or some other type of digestive problem. They could also indicate intolerance to gluten (found in wheat) or sensitivities to lectins (found in grains), as well as suggesting celiac disease (related to gluten intolerance) and 'leaky gut,' in which bacteria that belong in your stomach migrate into your intestinal tract as well. Nomads have a tendency to develop slow-growing neurodegenerative diseases, triggered by viral infections in youth that don't show up until much later in life. The liver and spleen can be problem areas for the Nomad, and therefore this Epigenotype has more than its fair share of inflammatory liver disease, hepatitis and cirrhosis.

As a Nomad Epigenotype, you possess many natural gifts. And while being 'special' can sometimes feel frustrating because you don't fit neatly into prescribed patterns, if you find your own way, you can be hale, healthy and wise late into life. The GenoType Diet is all about the science of individuality, and Nomads are true individuals