Nitric Oxide Enhancement Stack ULTRA

Nitric Oxide Enhancement Stack ULTRA

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Nitric Oxide Enhancement Stack ULTRA - 60 day supply

Neo40 Professional | Neogenesis
Immediately helps your body naturally increase nitric oxide levels. Neo 40 helps improve circulation, supporting the cardiovascular system and erectile dysfunction for men and women.*



  • The discovery of Nitric Oxide and its role in the body won a Nobel Prize in 1998.*
  • Since then, Dr. Nathan Bryan conducted 7 years research into therapeutic uses of Nitric Oxide.*
  • Neo 40 immediately helps your body naturally increase nitric oxide levels.*
  • Neo 40 helps improve circulation, supporting the cardiovascular system.*
  • Please rush me my fresh supply of Neo 40™ Daily as indicated below.  Select your order preference by checking the appropriate box.*

Neo40® PRofessional*
Neo40 Professional is scientifically developed for the nutritional maintenance of healthy nitric oxide levels. Research shows that nitric oxide production declines with age. Neo40 Daily is a supplement designed to promote healthy levels of this crucial signaling molecule. Healthy nitric oxide levels may facilitate maintenance of optimal blood pressure and, as a recently published clinical trial suggests, Neo40 Daily supports optimal triglyceride levels. A highly synergistic combination of nutrients facilitates increased production of nitric oxide. One of nitric oxide’s major functions is to cause relaxation and widening in the blood vessels; helping to promote proper blood flow. The normal process of aging, exposure to free radicals, and many other factors contribute to declines in nitric oxide production and can significantly impact health.*

If L-arginine or other supplements have been tried to help balance blood pressure without much success, the problem may lie with the user. Studies show that a host of factors, including age and vascular health, may play critical roles in preventing full efficacy with some supplements. Neo40 Professional covers all of the bases for ensuring increased nitric oxide production, regardless of age, fitness level, or otherwise. And Neo40Professional does not take weeks, days, or even hours to start working. A unique lozenge delivery system immediately begins the process by supplying the correct nutritional substrates, enzymatic activity, and critical cofactors to yield more bioavailable nitric oxide, maintenance of healthy blood pressure, and better overall health.*


Arginine Plus Suppositories - 60 Count | Zetpil-Rx*
Supports blood vessels, nitric oxide levels, arterial plaque, blood pressure, memory, erectile dysfunction, and more. Take alone or in combination with the lysine suppository to support Growth Hormone levels (hGh). 100% absorption rate compared to 10% oral absorption rates. Much more effective! Arginine is one of the most important animo acids.*

The Arginine suppositories were specifically formulated to be taken along or in combination with the lysine suppository effectiveness the body’s Growth Hormone levels, a key hormone that declines with age.This method of taking Arginine is important since 85% of any oral form of arginine undergoes enzymatic degradation when taken by mouth. The Arginine suppositories effectively solve this dilemma and make arginine a valuable and effective compound used for atherosclerosis, erectile dysfunction, and intermittent cladication. It is also effective in would care.*

Zetpil Arginine Plus when combined with Piceatannol Plus seems to be the most scientifically logical way to prevent vascular dysfunction and the conditions associated with this age-related problem*


Piceatannol Plus Suppositories - 30 Count | Zetpil-Rx*
Used by anti-aging doctors for many of the following reasons: Heart Disease, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Dementia, Blocked Arteries, Erectile Dysfunction, Sickle Cell, and more. Administered directly into the bloodstream via nutritional suppository.*

Piceatannol-3’-0-β-D-glucopyranoside, a potent component of stilbenes, has been shown to block the activity of arginase I and II, as well as stimulate making of Nitric Oxide from Arginine. As we get older, our blood vessel Arginine levels decrease and our Arginase levels I & II increase. This combination of higher than normal Arinase I & II and less than optimal amounts of Arginine is one of the fundamental reasons why individuals develop vascular dysfunction (aka hardening of the arteries). Conditions such as high blood pressure, blocked arteries, stroke, dementia, aging, erectile dysfunction and sickle cell disease can all be traced back to vascular dysfunction as a result of less than optimal Nitric Oxide formation.*

Zetpil Piceatannol Plus when combined with Arginine Plus seems to be the most scientifically logical way to prevent vascular dysfunction and the conditions associated with this age-related problem.*

Potent one two three punch to raise Nitric oxide and overcome Erectile Dysfunction, high blood pressure and more*

Nitric Oxide Enhancement Stack ULTRA - 60 day supply

Nitric Oxide Enhancement Bundle Piceatannol Plus Suppositories - 30 Count | Zetpil-Rx Piceatonnal Plus suppository contains the following ingredients: Piceatonnal 3- O-B-D Glucopyranoside from 500mg from concentrated rhizome of Rheum undulatum L.; Calcium 160mgs; Vitamin C 20mgs. Suppository Base: The base is a proprietary combination of plant and fruit butters, vegetable acids, medium chain triglycerides, phospholipids, lecithin, vegetable starches, cellulose, oligosaccharides derivatives and polysaccharide derivatives. Dosage and Use: 1 suppository per day, before retiring or as directed by a healthcare professional

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