Neuro Max II 60 caps

Neuro Max II 60 caps

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Neuro Max II 60 caps | Metabolic Response Modifier

Neuro-Max™ II is a state-of-the-art brain enhancing formula. This comprehensive blend of herbs and European nutraceuticals consists of Vinpocetine, Phosphatidylserine (PS), Ginkgo Biloba extract (28:11), Ashwagandha, Bacopa monniera, Cytidine-5-Diphosphate Choline (CDP-Choline) and Niacin. Vinpocetine has shown potential to be a powerful memory enhancer and exhibiting positive effects on neurological health. Vinpocetine increases the brain’s ability to function through a more efficient utilization of glucose. Glucose is the main nutrient that supplies energy to the brain for optimal function. Vinpocetine also increases levels of oxygenation (more efficient utilization of oxygen) in the cells of the brain and provides increased protection against lack of blood flow and reduction in levels of oxygen. Various unpublished yet documented findings attribute vinpocetine to improving short and long term memory, enhance alertness, improve glucose and oxygen utilization and increase cerebral blood flow.* It is has also been recognized to decrease plaque build up in the arteries and support various aspects of cardiovascular health.*

Recent clinical trials have indicated that supplementation with PS may play acritical role in supporting human thoughts and perceptions as we grow older. Hundreds of clinical trials have shown the multiple benefits of supplementing with Ginkgo Biloba Extract (GBE). In Europe and Asia, GBE and more specifically ginkgolide B, has been shown to enhance cerebral and coronary artery circulation by inhibiting platelet aggregation. With improved circulation, researchers observed a positive effect on memory and cognitive function. According to Indian folklore, Ashwagandha has been used as a geriatric tonic to improve vitality and cognitive function. Many testimonials have reported that Bacopa Monniera (commonly accepted as a nerve tonic in Ayurvedic literature) is effective in reducing anxiety levels, there by allowing improved brain function in terms of memory enhancement and elevated mental performance. CDP-choline is a major precursor in the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine in cell membranes. It is suggested that CDP-choline may exude positive influences on cognition and cerebrovascular function*

Neuro Max II 60 caps | Metabolic Response Modifier
Ingredients per 1 capsule 

Phospholipid Complex - 500 mg (containing 100mg Phosphatidylserine), 
Ashwagandha Extract - 80 mg 
Ginkgo Biloba Extract (28/11) - 60 mg 
Cytidine diphosphate choline - 12 mg Vinpocetine - 5 mg 
Niacin - 10 mg

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