NESS Enzymes

NESS Enzymes
The NESS (Nutritional Enzyme Support System) line of enzyme-based nutritional supplements are the original enzyme supplements sold exclusively through healthcare practitioners. With over 20 years of clinical use, NESS has paved the way for other enzyme supplements available from Enzymes, Inc.

The NESS product line grew directly from research that began nearly eighty years ago. Dr. Edward Howell, a physician and researcher, uncovered nature’s secret to healthy digestion. Through his extensive clinical research, he learned that food enzymes are essential for proper digestion and directly correlate with dramatic improvements in health and longevity.

Although a strong advocate of eating more raw food, Dr. Howell was able to produce unique and highly active enzyme supplement to provide the same type of digestive activity as raw food enzymes, relieving some of the body’s digestive stress.

In the early 1980s, advancements in enzyme concentration techniques resulted in the development of NESS, the first complete professional line of enzyme supplements far superior in strength and balance than any other vegetarian enzyme products available at the time.

With advancements in technology, and access to Dr. Howell’s original formulations and production techniques, Enzymes, Inc. has developed over 30 products in the NESS line.

Patients choose NESS to recommend to their patients for a variety of reasons:
  • Small capsule size – easy to swallow
  • Low cost provides excellent value
  • Synergistic combination to treat most health conditions
  • Wide range of formulas for digestive and systemic needs
  • Established history of clinical effectiveness