NDF Plus 1 oz

NDF Plus 1 oz

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NDF Plus 1 oz | BioRay™

While NDF Plus mobilizes and binds heavy metals and chemicals like it's sister product NDF®, this formula has additional herbs and is appropriate for patients with a compromised constitution, assimilation, or neuro issues, or those wanting a neuro boost.*

When heavy metals are present they disturb how energy travels through the body, creating chaos of the body's internal terrain. In turn, cells are not able absorb or retain nutrients efficiently. Diminishment of the cells energy is similar to a low battery -- unable to hold a charge or maintain healthy cellular function. As toxic molecules build up, the body becomes more conductive and metabolic chaos increases. Patients that show signs of a "Low Battery Effect" have assimilation issues, which deplete the cell's ability to respond to other cells and utilize food and supplements appropriately. Toxic metals begin to displace beneficial nutrients such as zinc, calcium, and magnesium.

Intervention Study Findings

In our 6-week detoxification study, "Mitigating Neurodevelopmental Symptoms in Children Through Detoxification", participants in Group A, the NDF Plus® group experienced more neurological improvements than the other test groups. This group improved their ability to be social by 42% and cognitive awareness by 27%. In real-time EEG case histories we see beta and theta waves come into range in 5-113 minutes after ingestion of NDF Plus®.

Signs of Low Cellular Energy

Histamine response to environmental triggers
Issues with focusing and concentration
Digestion issues
Need a nap every day
Brain Fog
About the Ingredients

When a "Low Battery Effect" is present supporting several mechanisms at once is extremely beneficial: Removing toxins, supporting the GI, and replenishing cellular energy. With NDF Plus® we are removing toxins with BIORAY's proprietary micronized organic chlorella, mildly pushing toxins out of the GI tract with a host of 12 probiotic lysates, as well as mildly supporting the liver and kidneys with fermented cordyceps, himmematsutake mushroom, reishi mushroom, and milk thistle. A natural by-product of fermentation is trace amounts of fulvic acids that support healthy cellular function.


• 40 lbs and under - 1 dropper (26 drops) twice per day

• 41-75 lbs - 2 droppers (52 drops) twice per day

• Over 75 lbs - 3 droppers (78 drops) twice per day

NDF Plus | BioRay 1 oz

Certified organic, raw, whole, pure, and nanonized (micronized):  
PolyFlor probiotics 
18% grain neutral spirits as a preservative,  
25% probiotic predigested agaricus blazei, reishi, cordyceps, milk thistle seeds and horsetail for drainage and organ support.  
More fulvic acid complexes than NDF. 

Suggested Use:  
5 - 10 drops twice a day in 10 ounces of distilled or r/o water on an empty stomach constitutes the average dose for a 150 lb. adult. Sensitive individuals may want to start with one drop and gradually ramp up the dose. Dosage can be adjusted up to 2 ml. twice a day. Supervision by a physician is recommended.  

A 1 ounce bottle is a 2 month supply at the average dose of 6 drops twice daily. 

SAFETY: Method of action is not sulfhydryl-group dependant thus may not bind in the kidney; one year of continuous use at 2 ml. per day showed no elevation of serum creatinine and an improvement in BUN/creatinine ratio. NDF acts through elimination via the kidney system thereby providing very low to no risk of metal resorption through excessively permeable bowel membranes that are generally found in people with an improper balance of metallic ions, or flora-mediated methylation of unbound mercury. NDF-Plus does not pull enzyme system-bound beneficial minerals from the body and is a source of bioavailable minerals (see nutritional analysis of chlorella).
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