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Natural Health International

Natural Health International

Organically Certified - Independently Tested

We carry the entire professional line of Natural Health International Products. They are only available to our patients by contacting us directly.

  • HerbatoninPRO - Melatonin sleep support
  • pH QuintessencePRO - pH support
  • RevolutionPRO Macalibrium for Men
  • St. John's Wort - Mood support
  • Femenessence MacaLife Peri - Peri-menopause support
  • Femenessence MacaPause - Menopause support
  • Femenessence MacaHarmony - Women's hormone support

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All NHI products are independently tested, confirming for our customers that every product meets GMP manufacturing standards, is of a consistent high quality and meets with our stringent public safety standards.

Clinically and/or Scientifically Proven
All NHI products are clinically and/or scientifically proven, giving our customers confidence that NHI products are both safe and effective. All NHI scientific and clinical research is peer reviewed by independent medical review boards and published in global medical journals.

Careful review of our Supplement Facts Box and product ingredients section on our packaging demonstrate the purity of our products and the uniqueness of a true 100% Natural Product claim