Nanominerals 60 vcaps

Nanominerals 60 vcaps

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Nanominerals 60 vcaps | BioPharma

Complete chelated multi-minerals.

Your body cannot create minerals and you may not be getting enough from the foods you eat. Even if you are eating a lot of leafy greens, soil depletion and a lack of variety or time can mean missing out on some key minerals that keep your body performing at its best. Nanominerals capsules help support body processes such as metabolism, hydration, and muscle function.*

Biopharma partnered with Albion minerals - a world leader in chelated minerals - to ensure the highest quality possible. Biopharma is proud to be the only company in the world that can offer you chelated minerals in a capsule form. Their SuperSorb technology ensures that you are not just pouring minerals through your body but truly absorbing these chelated minerals to get the benefits you are looking for.

The beauty of nanominerals is that Biopharma gives you a form that the body easily absorbs, plus they make sure to give you the complete spectrum of minerals that we are most deficient in, from the purest sourcing in the world. While other mineral supplements only offer one or two minerals at a time, Bipharma offers 12 minerals in just 2 capsules.

Chelation involves attaching the minerals to an amino acid allowing for better absorption. Albion has been making chelated minerals for over 50 years and is renowned their science and recognized as the world leader in mineral nutrition. With years of extensive research, clinical analysis and third party critiques, nanominerals is the highest grade mineral on the market. (This is what the gold medallion seal stands for.) It is Biopharma's promise to you to give you the worlds best ingredients, for the best results.

Nanominerals supports:

• Cellular function*
• Immunity*
• Muscle function*
• Heart function/heart contraction*
• Activation of the white and red blood cells*
• Skin hydration and elasticity*
• Antioxidant protection*
• Energy*
• Sleep*
• Stress levels*
• Calm stabilized feeling*
• Weight management *
• Muscle function, hydration, recovery*

Nanominerals 60 vcaps | BioPharma

Serving Size:2 Capsule

Servings Per Container:30


Amount Per Serving

Calcium (as DimaCal dicalcium malate)102 mg

Iron (as Ferrochel bisglycinate chelate)6 mg

Magnesium (as Albion dimagnesium malate)160 mg

Zinc (as TRACCS zinc biglycinate chelate)8 mg

Selenium (as Albion seleniumglycinate complex)42 mcg

Copper (as TRAACS copper bisglycinate chelate)1 mg

Manganese (as TRAACS manganese bisglycinate chelate)1 mg

Chromium (as TRAACS chromium nicotinate glycinate chelate)72 mcg

Molybdenum (as TRAACS molydenum bisglycinate chealte)40 mcg

Potassium (as Albion potassium glycinate complex)13 mg

Vanadium (as TRAACS vanadium nicotinate glycinate chelate)180 mcg

Boron (as Albion boroganic glycine)60 mcg

Other Ingredients:

Vegetable pollulan (capsule shell)

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