Morgellan's is a multi pathogen disorder and you will need to find out what pathogens you have.

Morgellans has a fungle component and a parasitical component to it. There may be as many as 13 pathogens  The immune system is usually suppressed.

Morgellans is highly contagious... so you may need to take precautions to protect yourself and your others. It can spread like wildfire.

Morgellons is highly communicable... suggest being cautious about it much like lice. It has more has to do with proximity and cleanliness. It would be best not to have clothes washed together. They should be laundered in separate washer and dryer. Also suggest getting a UV Verilux light unit which you can use to treat surfaces... bed, bath, toilet, counters... it has a 99.7% effectiveness for bacteria, viruses, fungus and even dust mites.

It would be best to also treat the furniture with the Verilux. There is also a product called eco-bie. Its available online. Its an enzyme product that you can use in the laundry and you can also spray furniture. You can also put some in bath water. The enzyme against the skin has a tenancy to kill bacteria.

PS, the UV light should never be used on skin


  • We offer a blood tests for finding the underlying pathogens. Contact us for details.
  • We also suggest doing Lyme testing for co-infections - Spirostat Lyme Test
  • Fungal Testing - Spirostat Fungus Test