Montiff Amino Starter

Montiff Amino Starter

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Montiff Amino Starter 100 grams | Montiff

Amino Starter by Montiff is a natural amino acids supplement that contains a proprietary blend of L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, L-Alanine, L-Glutamine, and Glycine that offer a host of unique benefits. No one can underestimate the importance of amino acids in the body and Amino Starter offers a great start.*

Amino Starter dissolves easily in cold water or fruit juice and is highly stable when kept refrigerated. Because of its solubility, it is the ideal nutrient of choice.*

Recommended for Enhancing Structure and Function Related to Nutritional Needs and Deficiencies Pertaining to:

  • Helping to maintain proper gastrointestinal function*
  • Aid in the repair of Mucosa*
  • Helping to maintain muscle mass*
  • Stimulating muscle protein*
  • Helping to improve immune functions*
  • Helping to maintain and protect liver function i.e., synthesis of glutathione*
  • Helping in the regeneration of the liver*
  • Helping to permit a reduction in the length of hospital stays*

Glutamine is a regulator of protein, fatty acid, and glycogen metabolism. Alanine and Glutamine are the primary glycogenic amino acids that regulate gluconeogenesis (carbohydrate/sugar formation) in the liver.*

Two thirds of Glutamine is metabolized and utilized in the mucosal cells of the small intestine, which is why it is so important in maintaining proper gastrointestinal function. It promotes intestinal healing and may have beneficial results in patients with gastrointestinal disorders.*

Glutamine is necessary for the function of immunocompetent cells, and enhances the immunity of the intestinal mucosa. It is the precursor to Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant with detoxification properties, which enhances the immune protective system of cells.*

Glutamine crosses the blood brain barrier and is the precursor to Glutamate and Glutamic acid, which are excitatory neurotransmitters. It is also a precursor for GABA, which acts as an inhibitory transmitter, which induces a calming effect. Glutamic acid, along with Glutamate, provides glucose to provide energy for brain cells, which requires 75% of the available glucose in the body for its energy source to maintain normal brain metabolism.*

Under conditions such as stress, fasting, surgery, traumatic injury, or sepsis, increased degradation of proteins (mainly skeletal muscle proteins) tips the nitrogen balance in the negative direction. This negative nitrogen balance results in a rapid and marked decrease in muscle concentrations of glutamine: this is a characteristic of such stress conditions. ALa-GLn has been reported to be useful in supporting preventing a change in nitrogen metabolism under conditions of stress*

Montiff Amino Starter 100 grams | Montiff

Proprietary Blend of L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, L-Alanine, L-Glutamine, and Glycine. 
More details to follow. 

Mix one (1) scoop (approx. 2 grams) with 16 oz. of cold water or fruit juice before meals. Drink one (1) to three (3) glasses throughout the day or as directed by a healthcare professional. 
For children 10 years and younger, consult a physician. 
Keep refrigerated. 

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