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EPI was formed when our parent company, Essential Sterolin Products (ESP) in South Africa, began distribution of ModucareÆ in North America. ESP has spent the past two decades committed to the research and development of ModucareÆ. ModucareÆ is the only clinically tested plant sterol/sterolin product proven to be effective in immune modulation. Clinical trials have shown the efficacy of ModucareÆ in the management of chronic inflammatory and infectious diseases. This research has been published in peer-reviewed international medical journals.

Alive Magazine
1999    GOLD - Best New Product
GOLD - Best Nutritional Supplement/Product
2000    GOLD - Best Nutritional Product
2001    GOLD - Best Nutritional Supplement/Product

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2002 GOLD -Vity Award for Best Immune Supplement

Moducareô is a patented, unique blend of sterols and sterolins involving a highly specialized proprietary process. These special nutrients were discovered by RW Liebenberg, when his relative Oom Koos was dying from prostate cancer. A neighbor offered Koos a traditional brew, known for its healing properties, in order to help him recover.

Day by day he grew stronger and eventually recovered from his cancer. This experience began a lifetime of work for RW. He knew he had to find the active ingredient in the brew that resulted in his uncle's miraculous recovery.

RW was not a scientist, but he studied chemistry, plants, human physiology and everything he could find on cancer treatments using plants. He enlisted the help of researchers and discovered that the active ingredients were plant fats called sterols and sterolins.

It was found that sterols and sterolins occur naturally in fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Sterolin is a sterol molecule that has attached itself to a glucose molecule.

Sterolins are easily destroyed through processing, freezing and some cooking methods, and without it, the sterol does not have the same immune-enhancing benefits.

Liebenberg went on to fund clinical studies at a major university in Cape Town, South Africa under the direction of Professor Patrick Bouic. For over 15 years Professor Bouic has been the leading expert in sterols and sterolins. Moducareô is created from his research.

After more than a decade of clinical research and double-blind studies, Moducareô has proved to be effective at treating prostate problems, HIV, autoimmune disorders and more. The HIV trial showed that over the five year term of the study, T-cell counts remained stable.

Moducareô became available for sale in South Africa in 1997. Testimonials poured in from people recovering from debilitating illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis. Soon RW decided that sterols and sterolins should be made available in other countries. The product sold in North America is called Moducare and is the exact formula used in the clinical trials.

Moducareô is the only formula that offers sterols and sterolins in the correct ratio of 100:1, which has been shown to balance and improve immune system functioning. It is recommended as a daily supplement for immune support.

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