Mobility Pads - Box of 10

Mobility Pads - Box of 10

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Mobility Pads - Box of 10
 Foot Circulation Formula is based on Oriental and Ayurvedic Herbology.*

The Mobility Padstm are herbal pads placed on the arch of your foot to help enhance mobility and circulation in the feet and legs. They are easy to apply with a simple adhesive sheet, and can be conveniently worn overnight.*

Originally, the Mobility Padstm were developed from feedback based on our BodyPuretm detox foot pads. The original formulation was designed to stimulate circulation as a means of detoxification. As our customers (including many diabetics) reported excellent results when using the pads to improve the circulation in their feet and legs, we went back to the drawing board to create a new foot pad. The detox specific ingredients were minimized while maximizing the ingredient content for circulation. We then researched and added the herbs best suited to enhance the effect of the Mobility Padstm.*

The following image depicts the placement of the Mobility Padstm, a thermographic image with one pad placed on one foot, and a thermographic image taken 6 hours after placement (the orange and red colors represent heat).*


Mobility Pads  - Box of 10

The Mobility Pads contain the following natural herbal and mineral ingredients:

White Tourmaline:
Very rare Colorless/White Tourmaline becomes electrically charged when heated. The increased far infrared heat is used to stimulate circulation (see thermographic images above)

An incredibly powerful and stable alkaloid, Capsaicin is known as a potent anti-inflammatory. Research has shown that the application of Capsaicin can also suppress Substance P production (those suffering from arthritis pain commonly have elevated levels of Substance P in their blood).

With a high menthol content, Peppermint is traditionally used to help sooth and relax muscles.

An anti-microbial often used in salves for bruises and sprains, Arnica has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

Roman Chamomile:
Used to improve skin conditions and for stress relief, Roman Chamomile has antiseptic and antibacterial compounds, and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
Widely used in herbal medicine to reduce inflammation, Ginger is also an Aryuvedic remedy for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint and muscle pain.

Used extensively in herbalism, the essential oil from lavender flowers is used as an antiseptic and to reduce inflammation.

Other Ingredients:
Aloe Vera, Diatomaceous Earth, Wood Vinegar, Dextrin, Vegetable Fiber, and Vitamin C
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