Mind-Release Terminology

Mind-Release Terminology

One of the first steps in beginning to master your mind is to understand the key components of the minds programming system and how it does what it does. This is a mystery to most people but if you decide this is important to you and you begin to pay attention you will soon begin to see the inner workings of your mind.

Why is this important?

The mind is a creative device or instrument. What is held in mind with a strong belief and without resistance, is a command to the mind to create something. Now this creation follows the laws of creation of which the belief is but a part. But as others have noted, what the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve.

Actually this is not quite accurate. A more appropriate way of describing this is to say, give the the underlying laws of creation, whatever the mind can conceive and fully believe will greatly increase the probability of it manifesting.

From a physics perspective what we are saying is that the Source exists as infinite potentiality. That potentiality becomes actuality when conditions are appropriate. What are those conditions. From our perspective they are our truly held beliefs and firm intentions. So Wat we are really looking at is how to increase the odds of a potentiality becoming actual.

Now some would naively have you believe that the Secret is as simple as holding an intention or a belief. This is a facile way of looking at it and most have found that it does not really work like this. Why is that. Well for one thing most of us have such conflicting beliefs and intentions that just adding another one into the mix is hardly likely to change outcomes.

Another factor here is that most of the beliefs are unconscious and thus we may not even know we are in conflict. Without resolving these inner conflicts it is hardly likely to manifest different results.

Looked at another way it is like the definition of insanity, "doing the same thing over and over again but expecting  different results." Or another way of saying this is - if you do again what you did before, you will get again what you got before. So if we wish a different outcome that we must think and act in a different way.

Definitions and Concepts

Conscious and Unconscious Mind




Beliefs– what we hold to be true. An interpretation of an event. Since beliefs are not true or false the best way to evaluate a belief is based on the outcomes that we get. If we do not like the outcome, such as anger, then we need to change our belief.

Emotion – the bodies response to what we hold in mind, what we believe. Our interpretation of an event. Emotions are simply an indicator of a belief and are not true in themselves.



Results/Outcomes  - What we get. You cannot get a different result without changing our ways of thinking and acting. To expect a different results without changing our way of thinking and acting is not realistic.

Current ways of thinking and acting – mostly coming from our desire for safety have largely influenced our current life outcomes. To make significant changes you have to be willing to let go of our resistance to change to take on new ways to thinking and acting so that we can get different outcomes.

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