Mind-Release Process

Mind-Release Process
The Mind-Release Process is designed to release or neutralize unwanted programming in the mind.

When looked at from the largest perspective we see that everything is conditioning, everything is a program, a construct.

We start from the Absolute potential of the Source. Somehow, in a way that no one understands, that pure nothing becomes something. From non-duality we come to duality. Really we come to a trinity. For as soon as there is two there is also relationship. The relationship is the third factor.

From the initial trinity, by way of ever more complex conditioning, we create the many forms of this Universe. Now by forms we are not just speaking about material objects like cars and tress. We are also speaking about non-physical objects such as images, values, decisions, beliefs, emotions, attitudes and strategies.

In other words from the absolute of nothingness comes the various physical as well as non-physical forms of isness.

We cannot say how this first movement occurs, but once we get to the level of the existance of humans with access to minds, we can say alot about how creatiion happens through us.

Looked at in its simplest form, source energy moves the creative apperatus that we call mind and out comes thought, beliefs, values, behavours and more. From this we get objects such as toasters, buildings, motorcycles and so on.

We might start with a value, from this we decide on our beliefs; from our beliefs we create out emotional states; from these states we influence our behavior and from here we get outcomes or results. It is not quite this linear but for our current purposes we can use this model.

The part that we are interested in here is the programming in the mind that creates outcomes that we do not like. Outcomes like suffering, addiction, self-sabotage, anxiety, shame, guilt, fear, failure and the like.

We are interested in how the current programming of our minds creates the unnecessary suffering of our life. Because once we understand how this is happening and make the effort to actually see it occur, we begin to have the power to alter this programming and hence to create different outcomes. Outcomes such as peace and happiness.

Is this new?
In a real sense there is nothing new here. Many have come before to open the way to our current understanding of the mind. What we do have here is a systematic, user friendly, highly effective approach that can be learned and used with great effect by anybody who is motivated enough to do the work.

You might say what this really is is a tool that gives us great leverage in this type of work. As a scientist and a clinician I have personally come to the point that when it comes to application of an idea I want results. Once I know the results I want, I want the best most effective tool that gives me the greatest odds of success.

Whether it is re-balancing brain neurotransmitters or releasing guilt, my personal approach is to be willing to experiment with as  many modalities as I need until I find the ones with the most leverage on the problem. The ones that give me the greatest probability of getting the results that I desire.

In this arena our overall aim  is to fundamentally shift the way the mind processes our experiences so that ultimately we can reduce or eliminate unnecessary suffering. Mind-Release has proven to be a very valuable tool towards this end.

After years of trial and error and thousands of hours of clinical and personal use I find the Mind-Release Processes work. They have worked with many people individually and with groups. This work as produced profound, fundamental changes in peoples minds and hence their lives.

Levels of Mind-Release
  • Intellectual Release
  • Emotional Release
  • Kinesthetic
  • Desire Release
  • Belief
  • Core Release
  • Soul
Areas of Mind-Release
  • Outcomes
  • Memories
  • Images
  • Values
  • Decisions
  • Beliefs
  • Emotions
  • Attitudes
  • Strategies

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