Metagenics Supplements

Metagenics Products

What Are Metagenics?

Metagenics are premium-grade natural nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals that offer a higher degree of safety, effectiveness, and reliability. Based on the growing scientific field of nutrigenomics (the interaction of nutrition and genes), Metagenics are formulated to provide targeted nutritional support.

Founded in 1983 on a new scientific concept that the right nutrition could positively impact genetic expression (then referred to as “lifestyle medicine”) Metagenics have transformed science’s understanding of the role nutrition plays on overall health and wellness.

How Do Metagenics Products Work?

Metagenics conducts ongoing genomic and proteomic research to identify plant-based extracts and derivatives that communicate with specific proteins in the body to aid and enhance their functioning. Some Metagenics formulas offer multi-functional support while others are used in combination to meet a person’s individual needs.

What Are the Benefits of Metagenics?

Metagenics hold the promise of individualized support for a variety of conditions and for the promotion of optimal health. You’ll find Metagenics products on our site to support everything from weight loss to cellular detox. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, or schedule a consultation with Dr. Forrest.