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Medi-Body Pack

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Medi-Body Pack | Premier Research Labs

  • Therapeutic-Grade Clay and Moor Mud Packs*
  • (12oz / 10-30 therapeutic packs)*
  • Gentle Detoxification For Superior Health*
  • Superior Whole Body Detoxification*


This premier quality formula can be used as an effective, elegant cleansing body pack. It contains premium clay, peat magma, shilajit and targeted botanical agents, all key cleansing agents used for centuries in many cultures. Our body pack promotes bioenergetic flow of stagnant meridians to encourage quantum-state resonance.*

Medi-Body Pack® initiates the "thermal effect," which is a deep, intrinsic cleansing effect. This unique clay/botanical formula is made using 100% quantum quality ingredients: no oxidized peat or weak or "dead" clays*

Breezing Through a Detox.
The Medi-Body Bath can be a significant help for those suffering from detox symptoms. In fact, many practitioners often recommend a Medi-Body Bath as a foot bath when a person is experiencing uncomfortable detox symptoms – such as mood swings, mental fogginess, physical pain anywhere in the body as well as many other detox complaints. The Medi-Body Bath as a foot bath can be a real ace to help rapidly clear these distressing detox symptoms and may allow even an elderly person to regain a better sense of well being and balance in a relatively short time.*

The Medi-Body Bath as a foot soak (called the Medi-Blast) is also a critical component of the revolutionary Medi-Body Pack system (i.e. the use of ancient “mud pack” therapy” using moor mud, shilajit, volcanic clays and other synergists) to permanently re-establish the healthy bio-energetic flow through previously traumatized areas of the body, such as scar tissue which has been shown by research to have the capacity to send abnormal reflex signals to other parts of the body to disrupt its physiology.(Please request info on the Medi-Body Pack.)*

Medi-Body Bath Key Features

  • • Detoxifying baths with clay, crystalline minerals, peat magma and herbs; key detox agents used for centuries in many cultures*
  • • Maximum cation exchange of bio accumulated toxins at targeted sites to optimize the rapid return to ideal cellular resonance*
  • • Assists in detoxification of bio accumulated chemicals and radiation exposure in the ground substance of the body to return to ideal cellular resonance*
  • • Promotes healthy circulation and immune systems; helps ease muscle tension; helps rejuvenate cells**
  • • Initiates the “thermal effect”; an increased deep intrinsic cellular cleansing effect*
  • • 100% premier quality ingredients: No oxidized, heated, toxic minerals or salts; no heated, irradiated or pesticided herbs*

Preserving the Piezo-Electrical Properties
In order to preserve the maximum piezo-electrical power of the special detoxifying crystalline minerals, they have been crushed rather than ground in a grinder. Thus, some of the mineral crystals may not dissolve completely in your bath water. However, the
Photo-luminescent effect generated from the whole mineral crystals is maximally operative in the water. This allows the Medi-Body Bath to deliver far superior health benefits.*

Medi-Body Pack | Premier Research Labs

Medi-Body Bath: Premier Ingredients
Proprietary, Quantum-State Blend: Unheated Halite Mineral-Crystal Complexes, premium-grade, unheated Volcanic Clay (rhyolitic tuff breccia, rich in naturally occurring, beneficial minerals and rare earths), Peat Magma (a carbon-matrix humate, rich in humic and fulvic acids); Unheated Crystalline Minerals: Sodium Borate, Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Sesquicarbonate; Detoxifying Herbal Extracts: Hyssop (folia) (Hyssopus off.), Chrysanthemum (bud) (Chrysanthemum morifolium), Hare’s Ear (root) (Bupleurum rot.), Dandelion (root) (Taraxicum off.), Burdock (root) (Arctium lappa), Essential Oils: Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), Juniper (bud) (Juniperus communis), Lavender (Lavandula vera), Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus), Cedar (leaf) (Thuja occidentlis), Fir (needle) (Abies sibirica), Peru Balsam (resin) (Myroxylon pereirae);
Synergists: Olive Oil, Vitamins A, C, and E, Trace Minerals.

Recommended Use:
Foot Bath: Adults or children (age 1 and up): place 1 cup of Medi-
Body Bath in a plastic (nonmetallic) container wide enough to place your feet. Add 12 cups warm water. Swish the contents around in the water with your hand. It is not necessary to dissolve all the crystals. Soak feet for 10 to 20 minutes. Then towel-dry feet. Discard bath water down the drain (do not re-use). For best results, after the bath, spend
10 to 20 minutes or more outside to receive beneficial solar radiation.

 Whole Body Bath. Adults or children: add 2 cups of Medi-Body Bath to your bath water. Swish the contents around in the water to dissolve the contents. It is not necessary to dissolve all the crystals. Soak in bath for 10 to 20 minutes. Towel-dry your body. Drain bath water through tub drain. For best results, after the bath, spend 10 to 20 minutes or more outside to receive beneficial solar radiation.

Total Contents: Approximately 2 1/4 cups
Note: For the elderly, chronically ill or very toxic, start with 5 to 10 minutes per full body bath. If you feel weak or faint while in the bath, immediately discontinue the bath.

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