Magnetico Sleep Pads

In 1989-90, Dr. Bonlie was involved in another type of energy research that included the use of magnetism, but with no thought toward a possible health product. He was then invited to consult on a study that was being conducted for a doctoral thesis using bi-polar magnetic sleep pads for patients with asthma. The results were not consistent, and the scope of the study was constrained by thesis deadline date. That incomplete study triggered Dr. Bonlie’s quest to investigate the potential of magnetic fields in improving health and to discover a more effective way to supplement the earth’s magnetic field.

His curiosity, tenacity, and intellectual honesty stood him well as he developed the scientific theory from which the Magnetico Sleep Pads were developed. He and his wife, Joyce, made the first Sleep Pads for themselves, then for a few friends, and so it grew. The company was officially formed in 1991.

By 1992, Magnetico’s success and growth necessitated extra help, so the Bonlie’s daughter, Joan, and her husband, Lloyd, took over office management and manufacturing. This expanded team enabled Dr. Bonlie to spend more time testing, completing patents, and traveling to lecture at various health and medical conferences. The Magnetico “word” was spreading. From this small beginning, Magnetico now has hundreds of distributors and our unique Sleep Pads are shipped all over the world. Magnetico Sleep Pads are now recommended and used by many physicians and health professionals.

LeavesAt Magnetico, we pride ourselves on being a small business with a big heart. When you phone, you will reach a real person (unless all lines are busy!) We promise personal attention to your questions and will do our best to help you understand how magnetism can help you have a healthier life.