Lyme Tests

Lyme Testing

We offer the latest state-of-the-art testing for Lyme Disease and Lyme co-infectinos.

  • Anaplasma phagocytophilum
  • Borrelia afzelii
  • Babesia microti
  • Bartonella henselae
  • Borrelia burgdorferi
  • Borrelia garinii
  • Borrelia hermsii
  • Borrelia lonestari
  • Borrelia parkeri
  • Borrelia valasiana
  • Brachyspira aalborgi
  • Bracyspira hyodysenteriae
  • Coxiella burnetti
  • Ehrlichia chaffeensis
  • Ehrlichia ewingii
  • Francisella tularensis
  • Mycoplasma fermentans
  • Rickettsia spp (9 species)
  • Treponema carateum
  • Treponema denticola
  • Treponema pallidum
  • Treponema pertenue

Lyme is not an easy condition to diagnose. For this reason there is an evolving number of new tests that have been introduced. It is is often a good idea to start with a CD57 and a KPU test. These are not definiative but can ceratinly point toward a diagnosis. More sophisticated and specific tests would by the My Lyme ID test by Neuroscience or the testing by Spirostat Labs.

For more information or to decide which tests to order we suggest you call us We can guide you to your best options.