KeLATOX EDTA Suppositories (900mg - 30ct)

KeLATOX EDTA Suppositories (900mg - 30ct)

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KeLATOX EDTA Suppositories (900mg - 30ct) 
Kelatox uses 900 of Calcium Disodium EDTA in a Cocoa Butter base with methocel E4M premium USP for a time release effect.*

What is Kelatox?

Kelatox is a suppository that is primarily made up of Calcium Disodium EDTA and Cocoa Butter. It removes a wide range of toxic heavy metals including Mercury, Lead and Aluminum from the body. EDTA is a synthetic amino acid that has a binding ability to heavy metals and after it binds to a metal, it is excreted out of the body through the urine and feces.

What is EDTA & Why a suppository?

EDTA, the active ingredient, is a synthetic amino acid that needs to remain whole to be effective. When taken by mouth, about 95% of the EDTA will be destroyed by the acids in the stomach making it unusable. Getting EDTA via an IV, while effective, is very time consuming, expensive and potentially dangerous due to the high dosage. With a suppository, there is about a 95% absorption rate and no requirement for blood work to determine kidney and liver function as is required before getting IV EDTA treatments.

After you insert the suppository into the rectum, it is melted through body heat and then absorbed through the colon wall directly into the blood stream via the hemorroidal veins. The middle and lower hemorroidal veins will bypass the liver kidneys on the first pass, allowing the EDTA to remain in the body for far longer than if you had received it via an IV. The circulatory system, lymphatic system and soft tissues are very large, subsequently, the more time you give the EDTA to bind to a toxic heavy metal the more effective it will be and the more areas of the body it can affect.

Are Toxic Heavy Metals a serious health problem?

Toxic Heavy Metals have been linked to many health problems and diseases that plaque us today. These ailments that toxic heavy metals have been implicated with include degenerative diseases like Alzheimers, Parkinsons and ALS. Circulatory problems like hardening of the arteries, atherilsclerosis, athrosclerosis, Angina, Peripheral Neuropathies, High blood pressure and blocked arteries. Many toxic heavy metals such as Mercury are neurotoxins that disrupt and change electrical pathways in your body helping to cause many neurological disorders, dementia and even death.

Toxic heavy metals are one of the major causes, but under-reported causes, of many health problems we all face today. We come in contact with these metals on a daily basis though many sources including dental amalgams, cookware, deodorants, hair dyes, lipsticks, drinking water, metal food containers, the air we breathe, household cleaners etc. The only way to help combat this is to remove the toxic heavy metals from our bodies and to reduce or eliminate the contact points for these toxins.

KeLATOX Professional Strength
Kelatox also comes in a prefessional strength of 1200 mg EDTA.

KeLATOX EDTA Suppositories (900mg - 30ct) 

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Insert one Kelatox suppository nightly right before bedtime so the EDTA will diffuse throughout your body while your metabolism is slower, giving it more time to work. Kelatox may also be utilized at other times during the day if necessary.

It is recommended to use Kelatox 2-3 hours after your last meal. This will give adequate time to cause a bowel movement which will remove any excess matter in the rectum and reduce any potential metabolic competition. If possible, avoid a bowel movement for at least 2 hours after inserting the Kelatox suppository. Using Kelatox on a less frequent basis will not cause any problems but it may take longer to receive the desired results.

Also drink a good quantity of water during the day to help with the  flushing of the harmful metals from your body Kelatox uses 900/1200 mg of Calcium Disodium EDTA in a Cocoa Butter base with methocel E4M premium USP for a time release effect.

Each suppository will dissolve through body heat and gradually spread over the lining of the colon and be absorbed directly into the blood stream in approximately 90-120 minutes.

KeLATOX Professional Strength Kelatox also comes in a prefessional strength of 1200 mg EDTA.

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