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Kan Traditionals

Kan Traditionals

The quality, reliability and integrity of herbal formulas are of utmost importance to most practitioners. Recently, concerns have been raised about imported Chinese patents. Some patent formulas produced in China were found to be contaminated with heavy metals, additives and undisclosed ingredients. The inconsistency of potency, unreliable ingredient list and contamination of some patent formulas has led to customer complications including hospitalization. The practitioner must not only have confidence in the efficacy of a prescribed patent formula, they must also have confidence in the product’s quality and safety.

Kan Herb Company stands alone in its quality, purity and exacting standards. All Kan Traditionals are produced at the Kan Herb Company manufacturing facilities. We control all phases of production; from the raw ingredient procurement, to processing, formulating, testing and packaging. Each step adheres to the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). At Kan, we assume responsibility for every level of production and manufacturing. Every lot is tested to ensure purity and potency. All Kan Traditionals are free of colorings, pharmaceuticals, preservatives, and sugar.

Kan Traditionals formulas are blended prior to the extraction process. Each formula is processed in small batches that yield superior percentages of herbal material per ounce, and each is individually assayed for optimum concentration. The final product, tablet or extract is an effective formula of remarkable character, enriched with the individual flavors and clinical potency that the ancient medical masters intended.

We have the entire Kan Herbs product line, if you do not see what you want, just contact us for it.