Kan Gentle Warriors

Kan Gentle Warriors
Pediatric Formulas

Gentle Warriors formulas address some of the most common pediatric complaints: congestion of the upper respiratory tract (throat, nose, sinuses, ears); congestion of the bronchi; asthma and asthmatic bronchitis, weak or disturbed gastrointestinal function; dermatological irritations; and emotional agitation and upset.

Gentle Warriors are produced with children in mind. With lower alcohol and the addition of glycerin, these formulas, because they taste good, are easy to administer. Parents can be advised to keep them so that they can intervene at the earliest signs of upset.

Gentle Warriors Formulas

Chest Relief
Pipe Cleaner
Open Air
Deep Breath

Fire Fighter

Grow and Thrive
Tummy Tamer
Easy Going
Belly Binder

Psychological and Cognitive
Quiet Calm

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