Kan Alembic Herbals

Kan Alembic Herbals
Formulated by Z'ev Rosenberg, L.Ac., O.M.D.

Alembic Herbals are stand-alone formulas based on the observations of venerable Chinese physicians, such as Li Dong-yuen, Zhang Zhong-jing, Hua-to, Sun Si-miao and Zhang Xi-chun. These great healers realized that the power of a great formula is more than the sum total of its ingredients. The proper combination and interaction of herbs, based on the timeless principles of Chinese herbology, has a much greater effect than herbs taken individually or combined only on the basis of their symptomatic effects. Each herb has complex character composed of flavor, thermal influence and channel organ affinities. Alembic Herbals captures these elegant ideas and the principles of classic Chinese medical authors.

"I have been using the Alembic Herbals for four years and I have found them invaluable. I have seen dramatic results in treating the root patterns that underlie so many of the complex symptoms manifested in today's patients. Alembic Herbals are an integral part of my internal medicine practice."
Eyton Shalom, L.Ac., M.S.,
San Diego, CA

Kan Alembic Herbals
Blood's Mansion
Bupleurum and Four Substance Decoction
Bupleurum and Pueraria Decoction
Cinnamon Twig Decoction Plus Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell
Dong Quai and Six Yellows Decoction
Jade Fluid Decoction
Linking Decoction
Qi Rectifying Decoction
Qing Shu Formula
Rejuvenate and Regulate Decoction
Settle the Will Decoction
Three Kernel Decoction

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