ionCleanse Solo Foot Detox

ionCleanse Solo Foot Detox

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ionCleanse Solo Foot Detox

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Recommended for home use, the Solo® allows individuals and families the opportunity to experience the IonCleanse® process in the comforts of their own home.*

In addition to your IonCleanse® ion machine, this package includes everything you see pictured to the left: 1 complete array, the IonCleanse® foot tub, 1 box of liners (30 total), array cleaner, salt, instructional DVD and booklet, a custom-made protective carrying case, as well as a full 3-year warranty and a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.*



IonCleanse Solo 

Recall the way your body felt the last time you stood next to a waterfall or walked along a beach with the waves breaking at your feet. You breathed deeper into your lungs and abdomen; your brain cleared and the pains in your joints subsided. You felt relaxed and at peace with the world.*

These invigorating reactions were caused by the ionization of trillions of water molecules as they crashed to earth.*

The IonCleanse® Solo is a state of the art unit that features*

1. A Single-Program Session*
2. Dual Polarity*
3. FCC and CE safety approvals*
4. Overnight overnight warranty repair service*
5. Lifetime Customer Service & Support*
6. Made in the USA*

A Single-Program Session
The single program on the IonCleanse® Solo™ is a 70/30 mix of negative ions to positive ions. This program accommodates most users and is ideal for the lay person.*

Dual Polarity

The IonCleanse® has the ability to switch from a positive polarity (which produces a predominance of negative ions in the water) to a negative polarity (which produces a predominance of positive ions in the water) and visa versa. Our patented array configuration is the only one of its kind to produce both positive and negative ions in the water. Click here to read our peer reviewed article published in Explore! Magazine, which describes the IonCleanse® process in detail.*


FCC & CE Safety Approvals

The IonCleanse® uses a direct current to perform electrolysis on the water. The direct current originates from an alternating current from a wall outlet. The IonCleanse® is the only foot bath of its type to receive FCC & CE safety approvals, making it the safest purifying foot bath available on the market. Click here to review these important safety tests.*

Lifetime Customer Service & Support

The use of ionization devices is far more complicated than simply putting someone's feet in water and turning on the switch. The reason for A Major Difference's popularity and success is the clinical support it provides to both practitioner and individual on a continuing basis. We teach you how to use the unit safely and effectively; we are available during business hours to help guide you through your personal or practice challenges and we offer ongoing educational opportunities through seminars and professional training.*

The IonCleanse® is manufactured and assembled in the United States. Strict quality control standards, along with a team of engineers with over 100 years of combined experience, ensure that the IonCleanse® product is the top of the line ionic foot bath available on the market today. With a failure rate of less than 1% dating back to March of 2002, the IonCleanse® has a proven track record that no one else can match.*

The IonCleanse® is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease or ailment.

 IonCleanse® Solo™

You will receive a one-year limited warranty and a 60-day 85% money-back guarantee. The package also includes:

  • One array (either style - 316 or 304/321)
  • One IonCleanse® Foot tub
  • One box of Liners (30 count)
  • Liquid Sparkle Cleaner
  • One bottle of RealSalt (9 oz.)
  • Protective carrying case
  • Instructional DVD and booklet
  • Lifetime service and support
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