Infinity Home System

Infinity Home System

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Infinity Home System | Earthcalm Earthcalm has shut down production due to COVID 19

  • 24-Hour Protection:Provides whole-house protection, day and night. 
  • Complete Home System:You only need one for each electrical meter.
  • Easy to Install:Plug into any live electrical outlet.
  • Safe for Children:EMF protection for everyone inside.
  • Safe for Pets:They benefit from EMF protection too! 
  • 1-Year Warranty:Limited repair/replacement warranty on all new products.
  • Specifications:Dimensions: 5.75" X 3.75" X 2.75"
Easy to Install:
Select one of the 4 adapter options, whichever is specific to your region. Simply plug Phase 1 into the base unit, and then plug the base unit into any outlet in your home. After everyone in your home has adjusted* to Phase 1, wait 3 days. Then, add in Phase 2. Repeat this process on all Phases. When all 4 Phases are plugged into the base unit, the EarthCalm Infinity Home System is working at full strength.*
*People who are EMF-sensitive may experience detox symptoms while working through the 4 Phases (i.e., headaches, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, tiredness, etc). These symptoms usually only last a few moments, but can last for hours or days, in the case of extreme EMF sensitivity. In those cases, simply spend more time at each level, and it is okay to remove a level, to drop down to the prior level for a while. Go at your own pace, at your own comfort level. And if you have any questions about your experience, simply call EarthCalm Customer Service at 800-474-2584.*
EarthCalm customers report:
  • Relief from chronic headaches and migraines*
  • Blood pressure normalized*
  • Improved memory*
  • Relief from depression & chronic anxiety*
  • Relief from Tinnitus*
  • Relief from Asthma symptoms*
  • Improved sleep*
  • fewer colds and flus*
  • enhanced alertness*
  • sounder sleep*
  • increased energy*
  • a sense of greater calm & well-being*
  • hyperactive and Autistic children are calmer, more focused*

Infinity Home System | Earthcalm Earthcalm has shut down production due to COVID 19

Easy to Install:Simply plug it into any outlet in your home, then add 4 phases.
Safe for Children:EMF & WiFi protection for the whole family.
Smart Meter Protection:Protects from your Smart Meter's wireless transmissions.
Safe for Pets:Indoor pets experience improved health and calm.
Internet Router Protection:Protects from your router's EMF & WiFi transmissions.
Plugged-In Protection:Protection from EMFs & WiFi generated by your home's plugged-in appliances/electronics.
Phone Support:Friendly & knowledgeable Customer Service available at 800-474-2584
Congratulations on purchasing the ultimate in EMF protection!

Before installing the Infinity Home System:
Record your symptoms. Take a moment to write down the frequency and intensity of any personal symptoms as well as symptoms of other family members, especially children. Please read the following thoroughly to be sure you have the optimum combination and/or can initiate the products in the optimum sequence for you. Return to your sheet of paper in a few weeks and note any changes. While many individuals simply experience a greater sense of ease and alertness, over 85% of individuals report relief from one or more of their symptoms.
Notice how you feel before trying the product. Before installation, take a moment to notice how you feel. Then plug in or try on your product. Some people notice a moment of lightheadedness or dizziness within ten seconds before feeling the increased sense of calmness and well-being. Often symptoms such as headaches or chronic pain may be noticeably reduced usually within an hour. You might also monitor symptoms (such as headaches, asthma, blood pressure) to validate for yourself the effectiveness of our products. Evaluation according to personal symptoms is more effective than muscle testing. (According to most experts, muscle testing results are inconsistent during the healing process.)
Adaptation Period:
If you experience a short adaptation period consisting of tension, dizziness, fatigue or mild cold-like symptoms for a few hours or days, this is normal. It indicates that your immune system is functioning properly. If symptoms continue or are intense, or a growing sense of irritability or anxiety persists this indicates you proceeded too quickly introducing our powerful products. This would be an indication you need to begin with the three-step Infinity Home System.

If you purchased an Infinity Home System, along with you’re a wearable EarthCalm product, we recommend you install the Infinity Home System first and adapt to all three stages before wearing your Resonator (see Infinity Home System instructions).

If discomfort occurs at the second or third level, return to the previous level and allow for more time between each of the three levels. You may also unplug the Infinity Home System at the first level or any stage from one to four hours at a time as you gradually increase to 24/7.

EarthCalm products support your body in healing. This is a process that takes time. We advise reducing your exposure levels to the most hazardous types of radiation wherever possible, particularly cell phones and wireless technology such as WiFi routers, when you initially start your healing process. Therefore these devices should be turned off while sleeping (see our SELF HELP section).
Installing the Infinity Home System:

To ensure an easy and comfortable adaptation to the full strength of this product, please read all the instructions before starting.

1.Do NOT install the complete Infinity Home System all at once, as it may cause a feeling of tenseness and discomfort. Instead, install one stick at a time, perhaps a stick every day or two (or more if you need more time). This way, you will slowly start to feel better and many of your symptoms will start to improve as your body’s immune system, cardiovascular system, and nervous system start to heal.

2.Plug the base into any electrical socket in your home, and install the Infinity Stick #1. If you begin to feel uncomfortable, pull Stick #1 out and leave it out for a day—and then reinstall. (For extra sensitive people, this first step is the hardest.) Continue to do this until you feel totally comfortable. You may also experiment with leaving Stick #1 in for an hour or more before taking it out and working your way up to 24 hours and then leaving it in permanently.

3.After you (and everyone else in your home) are comfortable, plug in the Infinity Stick #2 and proceed as described above.

4.Finally, install the Infinity Stick #3 and then Stick #4 in a similar manner. At this point, you will have introduced the full strength of EarthCalm’s technology into your home’s electrical grid

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