Hypoglycemia #57 1 oz

Hypoglycemia #57 1 oz

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Hypoglycemia #57 1 oz | Newton Homeopathic Remedies

 Homeopathic remedy to support hypoglycemia.*

According to the Materia Medica the following remedies in Hypoglycemia may be administered for the following conditions: *
Adrenalinum: Ravenous hunger; Despondent and nervous; Headache all over head; Apathy.*
Argentum nitricum: Great craving for sweets; Heart palpitation with nausea.*
Arsenicum album: Trembling; Liver and spleen enlarged and painful; Anxiety, exhaustion and restlessness; Continual craving, with want of appetite and prompt satiety.*
Bryonia: Liver remedy; Bursting, splitting headaches; Irritable; Craves what he cannot relish.*
Cinchona officinalis: Irritable, sensitive and very touchy; Intense throbbing of head and carotids; Ringing in ears.*
Graphites: Excessive hunger or no appetite, worse when hungry; Pressive pain or burning spot on vertex (head); Excessively tired and sleepy; Fidgety while sitting at work.*
Iodium: Ravenous hunger with great thirst; Pancreatic diseases; Gets anxious and worried if he does not eat; Throbbing rush of blood and feeling of a tight band in head.*
Iris versicolor: Thyroid, pancreas, salivary intestinal glands and gastro-intestinal mucous membrane are especially affected; Weakness of memory; Awful burning pain in region of pancreas.*
Lachesis mutus: Vertigo; Palpitation of heart, with (fainting and) anxiety, sometimes excited by cramp-like pains, with cough, and fit of suffocation; Weak memory; Irregular heartbeats; Gnawing pressure in stomach better by eating.*
Lycopodium clavatum: Weakness of digestion; Awakes, irritable, angry, sad and anxious; Desire for sweets; Excessive appetite.*
Natrum muriaticum: Spleen enlarged; Great weakness and weariness; Irregular and intermittent palpitation of heart.*
Phosphorus: Craves chocolate, candies; Pancreas disorders; Palpitations with anxiety. *
Phytolacca decandra: Acts on glandular system; Canine hunger soon after eating; Vertigo on rising; Headache with nausea; Irritability; Restlessness.*
Sulphur: Often irritable, depressed, thin and weak, even with good appetite; Headaches or feels tired if he does not eat often; Alcohol habit; Vertigo.*
Thyroidinum: Tachycardia; Desire for sweets and thirst for cold water; Irritable and ill-tempered; Feels tired and sick; Insatiable appetite, always wants something more interesting to eat*

Hypoglycemia #57 1 oz | Newton Homeopathic Remedies

Argentum nit. 10X
Arsenicum alb. 10X
Cinchona 10X
Iodum 10X 
Iris vers. 10X
Lachesis 10X
Lycopodium 10X
Natrum mur. 10X
Phosphorus 10X
Phytolacca 10X
Thyroidinum 10X
Alcohol Strength: 15%

Adults take 6 drops first thing in the morning, and during the day prior to meals, or as directed by your health care provider. A child's dose is 2-3 drops.

Safety sealed for your protection. Do not use if seal is broken or missing

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