Hunter Genotype

The Hunter Genotype

Nutritional supplements and herbs for the Hunter Genotype by Dr. Peter D'Adamo.

Almost always blood type O, Hunters have an absolutely superb metabolism - perhaps the best of the six Epigenotypes. They have a positive genius for converting calories into the perfect combination of muscle, bone, and fat, and their physiques are primed for optimal use of their lean athletic limbs and long, strong backs. Well-functioning Hunters run on a healthy adrenaline high with short, sustained bursts of energy that members of other Epigenotypes often find astonishing.

Hunters in our modern world are all too prone to adrenal burnout, the sad condition that results from excess adrenaline production and insufficient stress release. Because they typically function at such a high level of output, Hunter rarely sickens in an over-energetic fashion, rather more likely rapidly falling into one of any types of exhaustive states. In these circumstances they can have problems regulating their blood sugar, especially if they are deconditioned from a history of sedentary behavior