Hormone Depletion & Fatigue

Natural treatments for hormone depletion and fatigue. from Forrest Health Online. Doctor Forrest recommended all natural health supplements, remedies and treatments for hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone Depletion
Hormone depletion is common in men and women as we age. Although this could be considered natural it is not necessary to live with the effects of low hormone levels.

Hormones fall into two general categories for our purposes. There are the female hormones of estrogen and progesterone and then there are the male hormones, primarily testosterone. The third category of hormones that we look at is growth hormone.

Both men and women have all the hormones and proper levels and ratios are key to good health. For years western medicine has been addressing this area with HRT, Hormone Replacement Therapy. But like with many areas of western medicine, they got it wrong. Thinking that replacing the hormones was a good idea they discovered the horse urine had hormones in it. They then decided to extract this horse hormone and give it to women. Anybody who has been paying attention to medical news knows that this approach to hormone replacement has produced some undesirable effects, like increased incidence of disease and death.

So what to do.

Natural medicine has an answer, it is called bio-identical hormone replacement. We replace the hormones with hormones that are biologically identical to human hormones. Or we supply the precursors to that the body can make its own supply.

In the case of the female we use bio-identical hormone replacements. as sub lingual tablets, creams or as sub lingual progesterone drops.

For male androgens we offer DHEA and Pregnenolone Drops from BioMatrix, as well as Red Rooster by BioRay, a Chinese herbal tonic with libido enhancing effects. Clinically shown effective and our favorite libido enhancer..

The master gland, the pituitary, produces growth hormone. This is an area of much interest in the anti-aging world. Our own clinical studies have shown that our growth hormone secretagogues can raise growth hormone levels up to 40% in three months. To read more about the anti aging effects of growth hormone, HGH see our Anti Aging Home.

We offer three forms of HGH releasers, Maxitropin Effervescent Drink, Pro-Ehnance Capsules and Bio GF Pro Spray.

The Many Causes of Fatigue
Fatigue can have many causes. Overcoming fatigue, on a consistent basis requires that the underlying causes be understood and addressed. Below you will find the most common causes of fatigue. Generally when these areas are addressed energy levels come up and the feelings of vitality and well being increase.

In our clinic we ask a number of questions on every visit to asses the overall subjective experience of health and well being. These questions are on a scale of 1-10 with 7 being what we consider good health. Many of our patients come to us because their subjective experience of energy and vitality is below 7, often below 4.

If your energy levels are below 7/10 or if you want to raise your energy levels even higher then you may want to consider the following areas. The list is not exhaustive but does cover the vast majority of cases.

Not Certain What To Do Next?
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