Honso Kampo Collection

Japanese Kampo medicine is a unique approach to the ancient art of Chinese medicine. Most of the Kampo formulas were adopted from classical Chinese medicine of the Han Dynasty (as early as 200 B.C). Rather than modifying formulas as in TCM, the Japanese Kampo tradition uses fixed and precise combinations of herbs in standardized amounts according to the classical literature of Chinese medicine.

Extensive modern scientific research in Japan has validated the efficacy of Kampo formulas. Since 1967, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (the same central government body as the US FDA that regulates pharmaceutical manufacturers) has approved 148 Kampo formulas for coverage and reimbursement in the national health insurance plan.

Every approved formula produced by different manufacturers is composed of exactly the same ingredients under the Ministry's standardization methodology. Today, 75% of Japanese physicians prescribe Kampo formulas.

The Honso Kampo Collection consists of 30 formulations
Honso Kampo Granules manufactured by Honso Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Nagoya, Japan are easy-to-use, standardized, and highly effective formulas. Each lot is routinely tested for key herbal constituents, heavy metals, purity and microbial content under requirements of the Ministry of Health & Welfare. The finished herbal formula is then scrutinized further to measure at least two active constituents quantitatively by HPLC to ensure consistency.

Kampo formulas are scientifically validated by hundreds of clinical and laboratory studies in Japan. As pioneers in manufacturing this type of standardized, high quality herbal dosage form, Honso's own herbal formulas have entered FDA approved clinical trials in the United States under 2 IND's from FDA.

The pharmaceutical-grade quality, unique packaging, strong research, track record of safe usage and the exclusivity for licensed practitioners make this product line the right choice for all healthcare specialties.

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