The German physician Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg developed homotoxicology as an integrative view of medicine. Homotoxicology is the study of the influence of homotoxins (homo = human being, toxin = poison) on the human organism. Disease is seen as the organism’s purposeful biological reaction to homotoxins and its ongoing attempt to eliminate them. Homotoxicology focuses not on symptoms of illness but on its cause, namely, the homotoxin that is disrupting the organism’s normal functioning.

The methodology of homotoxicology differs from that of conventional medicine in that illness is seen as much more than the mere presence of clinical symptoms. Homotoxicological therapy definitely approaches the patient as a whole. It attempts to detoxify the body, to correct derailed immunological processes through immunomodulation, and to support cells and organs.

So, just what is Homotoxicology? Let's break it down: ‘Homo' means ‘human' and ‘toxicology' is the science dealing with the effects of toxins, poisons and anything foreign to life.

Homotoxicology was discovered by Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, a German doctor who studied pharmacology, allopathy and later practiced Homeopathy. He coined the phrase: “The body is a flow system.” Any blockage within this flow system = dis-ease. Reckeweg's Table of Homotoxicosis allows us to understand how a toxin is processed within the human body and what is needed to open the flow and allow the return to health

Within the context of homotoxicology disease is not seen to develop in a random or haphazard way. Rather, disease moves into the body in six distinct and characteristic phases termed Excretion, Reaction, Deposition, Impregnation, Degeneration and Neoplasm. In this webinar, we will consider the first three phases, which involve mainly the activity of the extracellular matrix.

During these three phases, the human body employs intricate and specific strategies to defend against disease and eliminate toxic elements. The skilled practitioner understands the intelligence of the body and works effectively to assist and cooperate with these inherent functions. Don’t miss the opportunity to help your patients reverse the onset of chronic illness in these first three significant stages.

Phases of Homotoxicology

1. Excretion phase or the expulsion of toxins through body orifices, e.g. diarrhea, vomiting;

2. Reaction phase - where toxins are removed by the body reacting against them, e.g. fever, inflammation and mobilization of white blood cells to consume the toxins;

3. Deposition phase - storage followed by deactivation of the toxins in connective and fat tissue and in the vascular system;

The above phases are naturally "reversible". The following phases become more and more difficult to deal with as in these processes damage occurs to the organs themselves

4. Impregnation phase - severe disease occurs in a "locus minoris resistentiae", the body's weakest organ;

5. Degeneration phase - the organ is increasingly and irreversibly damaged, with alteration of the cellular enzymes and in the organic structure;

6. Neoplasm or Cancer phase- the cell genes are damaged.

In brief, when the body can't excrete toxins, acids, it creates inflammation (or other processes) to try to get rid of them. If this can't do, it has to deposit those toxins somewhere in the body where they will be out of the picture, so to speak, walled off and isolated from the rest of the body.

Dr. Reckeweg developed a range of complex homoeopathic medicines to enhance homotoxone production and resolve symptoms by eliminating toxins. These medicines also activate what Dr. Reckeweg called the ‘greater defense system’, a concerted neurological, endocrine, immunological, metabolic and connective tissue response that gives rise to symptoms but has an enormous capacity to neutralize and excrete Homotoxins. It has great healing power.

Treatment According to Homotoxicolgy
Using complex homeopathy, botanicals and nutrients as aids, the body will begin to heal itself in the reverse order in which it go ill. Treatments generally start with opening the drainage pathways out of the body, GI System, Kidneys, Lymph, Breath, Skin. Making sure the "drains" are open, the next step is to begin to clean and detoxify the filters. After the filters it is the extracellular fluids and eventually inside the cells of the body.

This is a patient, step by step process of returning the body to health by assisting the body in its own healing journey. The aim is long term resolution of health issues by understanding and practicing the laws of health.


Table of Homotoxicology Download
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