Homeopathic Nosode Detoxifiiers

Homeopathic Nosode Detoxifiiers

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Homeopathic Nosode Detoxifiiers | Energetix
Detoxification is central to the principles of natural healing.  Sometimes that process must become quite specific. Energetix has created a group of unique nosode-based remedies for this purpose.*

Homeopathic Nosodes are weak dilutions of noxious substances such as viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, vaccine residues, chemical toxins, allergens, etc.  The principle here is that these nosodes interact with the immune system and the cells on the basis of a “heat-shock protein reaction.”  This reaction, in theory, alerts the cell to stored toxins which then may begin to release.  In Energetix terms, these are the products whose names end in “Chord*


We highly recommend you work with a  knowledgeable practitioner when using these remedies.*

Homeopathic Nosode Detoxifiiers*
Agri-Chord (2 oz.)*
Agri-Chord is a homeopathic combination formula for symptoms related to exposure to agricultural chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. The exposure may be recent or long-standing.
Aller-Chord I (2 oz.)*
Aller-Chord I was designed to gently and effectively assist the entire body and plays an integral role in resolving food allergies and sensitivities at a causative level. Download Product Knowledge Guides: Practitioner*
Aller-Chord II (2 oz.)*
Aller-Chord II contains a unique and powerful blend of nosodes, phenolics, sarcodes and polychrests intelligently combined to provide the body with the most effective means of soothing and healing reactions to common inhaled*
Amoeba-Chord (2 oz.)*
In addition to nosodes, Amoeba-Chord contains sarcodes, polychrests and minerals blended to gently assist in drainage and rebuilding during the intense elimination of parasites. Download Product Knowledge Guides:
Bacteria-Chord (2 oz.)*
The Bacteria-Chord formula is designed to support the body’s natural ability to resolve bacterial infections. Download*

Chem-Chord (2 oz.)*
The proprietary homeopathic chemical blend contained in Chem-Chord targets the activation and elimination of cellular congestion associated with pharmaceutical and recreational drugs*
Colo-Chord (2 oz.)*
Colo-Chord contains a potent combination of homeopathic nosodes, sarcodes, polychrests, nutritionals and spagyrically processed herbs blended specifically to address the complex intestinal imbalances within the human body*
Dental-Chord (2 oz.)*
The wellrounded blend of homeopathics in Dental-Chord includes EDTA, known for its chelating properties; as well as bone, kidney, liver and immune sarcodes to support the rebuilding of tissue during deep elimination of*
Gyne-Chord (2 oz.)*
Gyne-Chord is a homeopathic nosode detoxifier which contains a potent combination of homeopathic frequencies to assist the body in deep detoxification of the reproductive organs. Download Product Knowledge Guides:
Hepata-Chord (2 oz.)*
Hepata-Chord is designed to eliminate the most common toxins associated with liver congestion.*
HZ-Chord (2 oz.)*
HZ-Chord assists with locating and completely eliminating microbes associated with STDs. Download Product Knowledge*
IBD-Chord (2 oz.)*
IBD-Chord is a distinctive, complex blend of specific homeopathics combined to address the common causal factors behind Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Download Product Knowledge Guides: Practitioner | Patient Amoeba Nosodes,*
Lipo-Chord (2 oz.)*
Lipo-Chord is a specific blend of homeopathic frequencies designed to address the accumulation of toxins in lipid-dense or fatty areas of the body, such the prostate or breasts. Download Product Knowledge Guides:
Metal-Chord (2 oz.)*
Metal-Chord is a cornerstone remedy for full elimination of toxic metals. Download Product Knowledge Guides: Practitioner EDTA, Kidney, Liver, Lymph, Metal Isodes, Methionine, Thyroid, Allium cepa< Allium sativum, Lappa*
Mono-Chord (2 oz.)*
Mono-Chord is designed to assist the body to locate and eliminate fatigue-type viruses. Download Product Knowledge Guides: Practitioner | Patient Adrenal, Bone Marrow, EBV Nosode, Liver, Spleen, Aranea diadema, Lycopodium*
Mycocan-Chord (2 oz.)*
Mycocan-Chord (expanded to include the function of Myco-Chord) is a homeopathic combination formula for symptoms associated with candida and exposure to mold or fungus.*
Neuro-Chord (2 oz.)*
Neuro-Chord is designed to assist the body with elimination of toxic load on both the central and peripheral aspects of the nervous system. Download Product Knowledge Guides: Practitioner Adrenal, Insecticide Isodes, Kidney,*
Para-Chord (2 oz.)*
Para-Chord has been specially formulated to assist the body with the expulsion of worms.*

Pneuma-Chord (2 oz.)*
Pneuma Chord may be used as part of any healing strategy that targets disrupted terrain supporting chronic microbial infections.*
ReHydration (2 oz.)*
ReHydration may be used to enhance any healing strategy where dehydration and/or fluid imbalance are indicated.*
Rena-Chord (2 oz.)*
Rena-Chord is the Energetix Attenuated Nosode Detoxifier for kidney congestion.*
Thyro-Chord (2 oz.)*
The complex combination of homeopathics contained within Thyro-Chord is formulated to assist specifically with clearing toxins deep within the cellular matrix of the thyroid gland.*
Vaccin-Chord (2 oz.)*
Vaccin-Chord, contains a potent homo-chord of Thuja Occidentalis, a proprietary blend of vaccine nosodes combined with polychrests for eliminating congestion, cell salts for rebuilding inorganic materials, and a homeopathic*
Viru-Chord (2 oz.)*
Viru-Chord alerts the body to viruses buried deep within the tissue and is designed to activate the immune system to begin moving them out.*

Homeopathic Nosode Detoxifiiers | Energetix

Recommended Usage: Take 30 drops orally twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Shake well.

Gluten Free

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