Oligophytum – Trace Elements

Trace elements are chemical elements which are essential in minute quantity to maintain a normal state of health.

Unlike mineral salts, trace element ions are characterised by the fact that they do not have building functions but are present in the composition of organic molecules which have specific activity. It is because of these characteristics that they are also called catalytic elements. The trace elements, which are undoubtedly essential for the health and productivity of animals, include iron, copper, cobalt, manganese, zinc, selenium, fluorine, and also iodine.
Many of these play a role in enzyme systems and within the structure of hormones. 

Trace elements are useful at small doses (the alternative term oligo element by definition indicates "small" in Greek) and more by a messaging effect than by a weight effect.

These natural elements therefore take part in the balance which the body seeks. In order to maintain this balance, each person will have different requirements depending on their general scenario. For this reason, the following must be distinguished