HerbalGem - Single Bud Extracts 15 ml

HerbalGem - Single Bud Extracts 15 ml

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HerbalGem - Single Bud Extracts

What is gemmotherapy?*
Gemmotherapy is a revolutionary discipline in the natural health field*

Gemmotherapy is a branch of phytotherapy that uses buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs. Gathered in the spring at a key stage of their natural growth cycle, buds and young shoots are freshly prepared and put in maceration in a solution of water, alcohol and glycerine to extract all their active principles.

Gemmotherapy was discovered in the sixties by a Belgian doctor and then further developed by HerbalGem's founder and other European doctors.*

Why is gemmotherapy effective?*
Buds and young shoots are made of embryonic tissues and enclose all the properties and energy of the future plant*

Buds and young shoots enclose all the genetic information of the future plant. In addition to containing vitamins, oligoelements, and minerals, buds and young shoots are richer in nucleic acids and growth hormones than other plant tissues. They also contain other active substances, such as auxins and gibberellins, which start to disappear after a plant reaches a certain point in its growth.*

Given that they are extracts of developing tissues, gemmotherapy remedies combine the properties of the whole plant, including the flowers, the leaves, the fruits, the sapwood, and the rootlets. For example, the Linden Tree (TiliaTomentosa) gemmotherapy extract not only possesses the sedative properties of the flowers, but also the purifying and diuretic properties of the sapwood. The same is true of the Hawthorn bud (Crataegus Oxyacantha) which has the properties of the flower which regulate cardiac rhythm and relieve palpitations, and those of the fruit which maintain heart muscle vitality. This explains the wide range of applications and effectiveness of gemmotherapy remedies for all ages.*

What gemmotherapy remedies we offer?*
The experience of the European specialist in gemmotherapy remedies*

We offer a comprehensive range of natural and effective herbal remedies designed for the well-being of people of all

Our gemmotherapy range of over 60 concentrated bud extracts includes:

  • Single bud extracts (or mother-macerates) which capture all the properties of an individual plant;*
  • Complexes which are combinations of carefully selected single bud extracts, acting in synergy to target a specific problem.*

We wish to emphasize that only freshly-picked buds are used in HerbalGem gemmotherapy products. Moreover, these are concentrates (not diluted) thus ensuring optimum conservation of all the properties within the bud.*

#GEM01 Ash Fraxinus Excelsior
#GEM02 Beech Fagus Sylvatica
#GEM03 Bilberry Vaccinium Myrtillus
#GEM04 Black Currant Ribes Nigrum
#GEM05 Black Elder Sambucus Nigra
#GEM06 Black Poplar Populus Nigra
#GEM07 Boxwood Buxus Sempervirens
#GEM08 Bramble Rubus Fructicosus
#GEM09 Cedar of Lebanon Cedrus Libani
#GEM10 Cowberry Vaccinium Vitis Idaea
#GEM11 Crab Apple Malus Sylvestris
#GEM12 Cypress Cuprussus
#GEM13 Dog Rose Rosa Canina
#GEM14 Dogwood Cornus Sanguinea
#GEM15 Elm Ulmus Campestris
#GEM16 European Alder Alnus Glutinosa
#GEM17 Fig Ficus Carica
#GEM18 Giant Redwood Sequoia Gigantea
#GEM19 Gingko Gingko Biloba
#GEM20 Grape Vine Vitis Vinifera
#GEM21 Green Tea Camelia Sinensis
#GEM22 Grey Alder Alnus Incana
#GEM23 Hawthorn Crataegus Oxyacantha
#GEM24 Hazel Corylus Avellana
#GEM25 Hedge Maple Acer Campestre
#GEM26 Holly Ilex Aquifolium
#GEM27 Hornbean Carpinus Betulus
#GEM28 Horse Chestnut Aesculus Hippocastanum
#GEM29 Horsetail Equisetum Arvense
#GEM30 Judas Tree Cercis Siliquastrum
#GEM31 Juniper Juniperus Communis
#GEM32 Lemon Tree Citrus Limonum
#GEM33 Lilac Syringa Vulgaris
#GEM34 Linden Tree Tilia Tomentosa
#GEM35 Maize Zea Mais
#GEM36 Mistletoe Viscum Album
#GEM37 Mountain Pine Pinus Montana
#GEM38 Oak Quercus Pedonculata / Robur
#GEM39 Olive Olea Europaea
#GEM40 Oriental Plane Tree Platanus Orientalis
#GEM40a Privet Ligustrum Vulgare
#GEM41 Raspberry Rubus Idaeus
#GEM42 Rosemary Rosmarinus Officinalis
#GEM43 Rye Secale Cereale
#GEM44 Service Tree Sorbus Domestica
#GEM45 Silver Birch Betula Verrucosa
#GEM46 Silver Birch Betula Verrucosa
#GEM47 Silver Birch Betula Verrucosa
#GEM48 Silver Fir Abies Pectinata
#GEM49 Sweet Almond Prunus Amygdalus
#GEM50 Sweet Chestnut Castanea Vesca
#GEM51 Tamarisk Tamarix Gallica
#GEM52 Virginia Creeper Ampelopsis Veitchii
#GEM53 Walnut Juglans Regia
#GEM54 Wayfaring Tree Viburnum Lantana
#GEM55 White Birch Betula Pubescens
#GEM56 White Birch Betula Pubescens
#GEM57 White Birch Betula Pubescens
#GEM58 White Birch Betula Pubescens
#GEM59 White Willow Salix Alba
#GEM60 White Willow Salix Alba

HerbalGem - Single Bud Extracts

General Information
We recommend that gemmotherapy products be taken 30 minutes before meals. To achieve an optimum result, the drops should be taken 3 times a day diluted in a half glass of spring or filtered water. All complexes specify their dosage. Always follow the advice of your health care practitioner. No counter-indications are known.

Pregnant women should avoid taking bud extracts, which are known to have hormonal effects, i.e., Raspberry, Bilberry, Giant Redwood (Sequoia) and Oak. Additional information can be obtained from your health practitioner or health food store. You may also contact us directly should you wish for further information and advice.

Gemmos' products will greatly assist your wellbeing. The products are:

Full of the energy and properties of the plant concentrated in the bud.
Prepared only with freshly-picked buds, which are cut by hand from the forests or carefully harvested on organic farms.
Prepared under strict quality control conditions, from harvest to final preparation.
Gemmos' products are in concentrated form, and so only a small dose is sufficient. The concentrate has several advantagees over the usual, glycerinated macerate at a D1 dilution (i.e. when the macerate has been fully diluted ten-fold) as follows:

The quantity of alcohol ingested is ten times less healthier.
Direct maceration in the water / alcohol / glycerin mix effectively retains all the active principles of the buds.
They are easier to handle due to the small size bottle and easier to mix due to the reduced dosage necessary.
A curse of use can be extended over a longer period per bottle.

Adults and children > 12 years
Depending on the patient and the problem being treated, 5-10 drops daily are

To start with, 5 drops should be taken; this dose can be increased by one drop daily to
reach a maximum of 15-20 drops daily, until the required and stable result is acquired.
The dosage is then reduced gradually, until the desired effect is observed, and that
dosage maintained for the remainder of the treatment period.

One or two remedies, the most applicable, can be combined; more are not usually
necessary. However, the complexes have the advantage of combining several extracts in one formula, thus facilitating treatment. A complex may, if considered necessary, be
combined with another individual bud extract.

Children under 12
The daily dose is 3-8 drops, depending on the problem being treated or as a prophylaxis.

Take 3 drops to start with, then increase by one drop daily until the desired result is

Breastfeeding mothers can take the dose, which will thus pass to the baby, or the 1-3
drops daily recommended can be placed in the baby's bottle.

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