Herbal Gem GemmoBase

Herbal Gem/GemmoBase
Gemmos LLC is a premier distributor of gemmotherapy products and education in the United States. We are the exclusive importer and distributor for the GemmoBase brand - manufactured by Herbal Gem in Belgium.

The GemmoBase brand of products are certified organic since 1993 by ECOCERT in Belgium. All products are available in concentrated form and are thus more potent than other gemmotherapy products that have been diluted with glycerin or alcohol.

We specialize in plant stem cell based herbology.

Gemmotherapy products are made from buds and young shoots from trees and shrubs to make concentrated extracts.  Gemmotherapy has been called Plant Stem Cell Therapy because of its focus on the embryonic tissue of plants. These are freshly picked and prepared to ensure maximum vitality, action and effectiveness. The buds are composed primarily of developing tissue and, thus, possess all the properties and energy of the adult plant. They also contain many active substances which are no longer present once the plant is fully developed.

We carry the entire professional quality line Herbal Gem Gemmos
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