Hepatoplex Two

Hepatoplex Two

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Hepatoplex Two 90/270 tabs | Health Concerns

  • Chronic hepatitis infection with cirrhosis and fibrosis *
  • Improved micro circulation in the capillaries*

Hepatoplex Two is for chronic hepatitis C infection particularly after cirrhosis and fibrosis. Its Chinese therapeutic actions include invigorating the blood, and improving micro circulation in the capillaries. Thus, herbs such as Carthamus (Hong Hua) and Tang-kuei (Dang Gui) are incorporated into the formula. Capillaris (Yin Chen Hao) is traditionally used for jaundice and stimulating bile secretions.*

Other symptoms addressed include liver and spleen inflammation, splenomegaly, and portal hyper*

Hepatoplex Two 90/270 tabs | Health Concerns

Chinese Therapeutic Effects: Invigorate the Blood, Clear damp Heat

Ingredients: Capillaris (Yin Chen Hao), Carthamus (Hong Hua), Tang-kuei root (Dang Gui), Red Peony root (Chi Shao), Salvia root (Dan Shen), Immature Citrus Peel (Zhi Shi), Buddha's Hand fruit (Fo Shou), Persica seed (Tao Ren), Ligusticum (Chuan Xiong), Licorice root (Gan Cao)

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