Heavy Metal Tests

Heavy Metal Tests
Forrest Health Online offers at home and laboratory clinical testing, interpretation and natural vitamin, herbal and homeopathic chelation therapies for heavy metal toxicity.

We  highly suggest you test the levels of heavy metals in your body before and after doing a metal detox program. The first test will give you a baseline and the following tests will show your progress.

We offer:

  • Fecal Metal Test for from Doctors Data
  • Tissue Mineral Analysis from Endo-Met Labs
  • Toxic Element Clearance Test from Genova Diagnostics - most recommended.

We send you the test kit. You complete the test and send the sample in the provided mailer to the lab. Results will be sent to you when they arrive.

The different tests show the different avenues of metal excretion. We generally recommend doing one or more of the tests at the beginning. In our office we do the Toxic Element Clearance and the Tissue Mineral Analysis most often. In some cases we do all three.

No matter what approach you use; if you started with toxic metals in your body it is best retest within three to four months to see your current status and whether you need to continue. If there are still metals continue and repeat the treatment and testing as needed until the metals are reduced. If your program is not working well try one of the others.