Heavy Metal Detox

Therapy For Heavy Metals and Biotoxins.

Toxic metals are all too present in our environment, including our food, air and water. For sensitive individuals, even mercury amalgams may cause serious problems. These heavy metals can cause a severe drain on the body';s ability to function, including creating damage to the immune system.


Dr. Forrest Recommends
Heavy Metal Detox Program ULTRA 


Heavy metal poisoning and biotoxin accumulation is rampant in our society. From the mercury in children's vaccines, mercury in tooth amalgams and the mercury in much of our fist. Then there is the heavy metal pollution due to industrial waste, cookware and cosmetics. There is even a heavy metal burden due to the metals used in medications and medical diagnostic tests.

As if all the heavy metals were not enough there is the ever increasing levels of biotoxins. These come from the enormous toxic burgeon coming from the environment but also from our own biological processes. The problems are exacerbated by the blocking up of the bodies drainage systems, the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system.

The result is that our bodies begin to look like toxic waste dumps. These toxins continue to accumulate in the organs, glands, bones and brain and into the fat tissue. The problem gets even worse when the toxins accumulate into the fat layers of nerves affecting the entire nervous system.

We are faced with new health challenges today that have not really been seen before and certainly not in the numbers that we now see. This is an insidious systemic poisoning of our bodies which studies show can lead to a host of health challenges that are very difficult to diagnose and far to complex for western medicine to treat.

The common patient these days has complex complicated host of symptoms affecting various body systems as well as their mind. There is no simple drug that is going to fix this. No miracle cure or patient. What seems to be necessary is a systemic ongoing approach to rid the body of the accumulated toxins from the past and to quickly rid the body of toxins from our ongoing exposure.

Some me think this is overstating the point. But anybody who has looked at the declining health of the American public, the never ending escalating cost and the epidemic of cancer, heart disease, doctor caused illness, diabetes, autism, arthritis and many more must admit we have a serious problem. And we must admit also that diagnostic testing, surgery and more drugs are not the answer. If they were we would not be 37 on the list of industrial nations as far as overall health. We spend more then anybody and get just about the worst results. Look up and you will see what I mean.

We also highly suggest you test the levels of heavy metals in your body before and after doing a metal detox program. The first test will give you a baseline and the following tests will show your progress. Testing is best done with a Standard and then a Provoked Toxic Element Clearance Test.

Clearing metals from the body can take some time so be patient and retest. The programs below are based on the scientific literature and have been shown to be effective in removing the metals from the body.

We offer:

We send you the test kit. You complete the test and send the sample in the provided mailer to the lab. Results will be sent to you when they arrive.

The different tests show the different avenues of metal excretion. We generally recommend doing one or more of the tests at the beginning. In our office we do the Toxic Element Clearance and the Tissue Mineral Analysis most often. In some cases we do all three

What To Do
While there are many aspects to this health catastrophe facing our country there are certainly many things we can do for ourselves to begin to stack the odds in our favor. Throughout this site I speak to many of these but in this section lets focus on therapy. An effective, proven means to rid the body of heavy metals an toxins. But do not be fooled by all the internet sites offering you overnight miracles. We can get dramatic results but this comes from proper diagnosis, proven therapies, properly administrated over a sufficient period of time.

Proper Therapy

  1. Proper Diagnosis - While a shotgun approach can sometimes help, a target approach based on a proper diagnosis tremendously improves your odds of success. Before you take a drug don't you want to know what the actual problem is. You would not just take a bunch of different dugs and hope for the best. So it is here to. What metals are involve, what organs, what is the source of the metals?
  2. Proven Therapeutic Agents - Low quality, inferior, unresear4hed unreached and undocumented therapies are highly suspect and I suggest you avoid these. If you just bought a new Farrari you would treat it with loving care and would certainly not just throw anything into the gas tank without knowing what it was and what it did. Why would you just by some hyped product and put it in your body? Why not treat your body at lest as good as your treat your car.
  3. Proven Therapeutic Protocols - even effective therapies must be administered properly or poor results will likely follow. This is a common complaint we here from patients who have either self treated or worked with a physician that did not understand enough. Many time patients will come to us with shopping bags of products that did not work. Upon investigation we find it was one of these four factors. Poor diagnosis, low quality products, lack or a coordinated therapeutic protocol or insufficient time.
  4. Sufficient Time - you must be willing to sustain the proper therapy to produce the desired outcome. Certain conditions require considerable time to get the full effect.

Metal Detox Therapy
Heavy metal deotx therapy is a process involving the use of agents to remove heavy metals from the body. For the most common forms of heavy metal intoxication, those involving lead, arsenic or mercury, the standard of care in the US dictates the use of DMSA, EDTA, Chlorella, Pectasol, Cilantro and others.

Different agents are used with various effectiveness depending on what metal or toxin is being removed and from what part of the body. Since toxins and heavy metals accumulate in various parts of the body including soft tissue, bones and brain, it is often necessary to use a combination of products over a period of time to do the job.

The most often recommended agents for lead and mercury are DMSA and EDTA along with support products. We offer full professional strength products in both categories.

What Does a Complete Program Include?
In order to have a successful program, it is necessary for the body's detoxification systems to be online. This includes the gut, kidneys and liver. Therefore we must take into consideration the following:

  • Bowel function must be adequate. This means a history of 1-2 easy movements a day. Constipation produces toxicity
  • Diet must be adequate in rich sources of protein, essential fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, electrolytes, enzymes and minerals. High vegetable intake is important.
  • Liver detox systems must be working. (Liver detox profile)
  • Kidney detox systems must be working.
  • Adrenal, thyroid and sex hormone functions should be normal. (Salivary Hormones)
  • Chronic infections should be treated naturally. (BUN and Creatinine)
  • Trace minerals should be adequate. (Hair analysis)

Metal Detox Therapy

Support Nutrients
Because detoxing the toxin is just part of the program it is highly suggested that your use adjunctive products to support the process. These include basic drainage products, (opening the bodies drains so that the toxins are removed) and support products so that the agents are most effective and pull from all body parts.

When metals are removed they are put back into the body's circulation and are then cleared through the liver and kidneys. In the liver the poisons are added to the bile and then secreted back into the intestines. If you do not use a binding agent these toxins can be resorbed. To protect against this resorbtion we recommend Pectasol Complex.

To help support the movement of poisons through the kidneys we recommend the Basic Detox kit.

To help remove the metals from the brain we recommend R-Lipoic Synergy.

Replacement Nutrients 
Since detox removes minerals from the body we recommend replacing lost minerals.


Program 1 - Heavy Metal Detox Program ULTRA - Dr. Forrest Recommend

  1. KeLatox - 1 EDTA Suppository every other night for 1 week. 30 suppositories
  2. DMSA - 1 Suppository every other night for one week  - 30 suppositories. (alternate weekly between the two).
  3. intraMax - 1 Cap Liquid Vitamin Mineral (1 Month Supply)
  4. Basic Detox Kit - Homeopathic detox of liver, kidneys and lymphatics. 20 drops twice daily, away from food. Start slowly and build to full dose.
  5. Alginate - 60 caps - 3 caps at bedtime when using the suppository - binds heavy metals in the gut.
  6. Zeo Gold - highly concentrated Zeolite, binds heavy metals. 1 twice daily.

Suggested use is to take Kelatox suppositories 3-5 times the first week. The next week take the DMSA suppoitories 3-5 times. Then skip a week and repeat the process.


Program 2
1. NDF - up to two droppers twice daily
2. ACZ Nano - 5 sprays 3 times daily
3. LiverLife - follow directions.
4. Red Rooster - 2 droppers twice daily

Retest metals in 3 months.