Habifac oral drops

Habifac oral drops

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Habifac oral drops | Pekana Homeopathic Remedy - For treatment of an inherited disposition toward acute and chronic illness.*

Recurrent acute and chronic illnesses to to genetic or "constitutional" influences indicate a continuous toxic burden that the body is unable to eliminate via the normal excretion pathways, including the liver, kidneys and intestines.*

Combined with infections and infestation from bacterial, mycotic or viral pathogens, this ever-increasing toxic burden impairs and compromises the body's immune response and eventually causes cellular damage. If the toxic burden and pathogenic milieu is not corrected, the physical, mental and emotional dysfunction that results may lead to genetic damage and become a co-factor in the development of severe or terminal illnesses, such as cancer and immune disorders.*

HABIFAC drops help eliminate this chronic toxic burden and address the patient's permanent sickness disposition. This remedy also treats an geneticall compromised immune system, connective tissue intoxification, constitutional anomalies and derailed metabolic processes.*

This remedy is generally used for 4 weeks during a program that is poised to create a major shift in metabolic regulatory setpoints.

Combines Well With:
Habifac is never used as a stand-alone remedy.  It is always used along with whatever remedy or remedies match the physical location of the obstruction being treated.  To this, add any remedies needed to maintain basic drainage and regulation, and any medicines needed to handle the 7 points discussed in the full-length article on Habifac.

Purchase Policy for This Product*

This product requires a doctors permission. *

In order to purchase this prodcut you can either have your doctor contact our office and give us permission; or, you can schedule a complementary introductory 15 minute consultation with Dr. Forrest. (Consults longer then 15 minutes are charged at $75 per each 15 minutes.) *

  1. Phone us at 408.354.4262*
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Thanks for your understanding.*

Habifac oral drops | Pekana Homeopathic Remedy


Acidum formicicum    2X    predisposition for allergies, itching
Acidum nitricum    4X    chronic inflammation, nervous system weakness
Baptisia    5X    insidious inflammation and infections
Graphites    8X    chronic diseases of the skin, digestive tract and sexual organs
Hepar sulfuris    8X    chronic diseases of the glands and skin
Thuja    10X    inherited constitutional weakness
Vincetoxicum    1X    viral infections, residual intoxification
Glechoma hederacea    1X    excretion of toxins
Acidum formicicum 2X stimulates the excretion of toxins that lead to development of allergies, including gout-rheumatic processes. It also functions ans an anti-inflammitory and relieves chronic itching.

Acidum nitricum 4X is a mineral acid that treats infections and inflammation of all mucous membranes. It addresses nervous system weakness associated with hateful, vengeful, stubborn and agitated behavior. This substance also helps resolve chronic processes from "head to foot," including headaches, rhinitis, lung TB, gastritis, ulcers, liver problems, nephritis and chronic joint rheumatism.

Babtisia 5X increases resistance to chronic or gradually worsening infections that a compromised immune system cannot overcome.

Graphites 8X treats chronic diseases of the skin, digestive tract and sexual organs. It also helps resolve chronic rhinitis, stomach inflammation, hemorrhoids, chronic eczema and varicose veins in the legs.

Hepar sulfuris 8X is a mixture of Calcium polysulfide and Calcium sulfate that provides powerful excretion activity while also stimulating lymphatic processes. It eliminated toxins that cause chronic skin conditions with severe itching, chronic inflammation and abscesses with pus and nervous overstimulation.

Thuja 10X is a powerful substance for trating psychological and constitutional illnesses. It also addresses a hereditary lack of vitality most likely caused by gonorrhea passes on from generation to generation via the genes. In addition, it treats mucous membrane conditions, eliminates warmth regulation anomalies, and resolves neuralgia, intestinal dysfunction, burning, itching sensations and rheumatic processes.

Vincetoxicum 1X fights viral infections, including their acute, fever0inducing relapse phases associated with the creation of foci that appear in a wide range of rheumatic conditions. An anti-infections substance, it also treats infections and pathogens present in chronic illnesses.

Glechoma hederacea 1X provides te body with enormous support in the excretion of toxins. A powerful healing plant that receives too little attention, it is effective in relieving diarrhea, heemorrhoids and general inflammation.


Adults 20 drops 3-4 times per day
School Children 7-10 drops 2-3 times per day

JUVE-CAL drops     rejuvenating tonic for nervous exhaustion
NEU-regen syrup     mental and physical exhaustion
PSY-stabil drops     emotional stability, anxiety, stress

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