Guna-Basic 15 Sachets

Guna-Basic 15 Sachets

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Guna-Basic 15 Sachets | GUNA Biotherapeutics 

basic treatment to get excellent physiological conditions*

The control and the maintenance of the intracellular and extracellular pH within its physiological range is the necessary condition to keep the cell enzymatic metabolic processes all in good order. Even slight changes of the basic value (blood pH = 7.41) can lead to serious metabolic damage and, if untreated, even to degenerative diseases.*

The acid-base balance is not only important for a correct metabolism but it may also have an impact on protein structure and function, cell membrane permeability, electrolyte distribution, matrix and extracellular fluid function.*

Guna-Basic is ideal:

  • If you are over 50*
  • If you have been diagnosed with bone disease (especially osteoporosis) *
  • If you have been diagnosed with an chronic inflammatory disease (rheumatic diseases, gout, arthritis, IBD, candidiasis, etc.) *
  • If you ingest a high protein diet *
  • If you smoke, drink alcohol, have a sedentary lifestyle, or are under a lot of stress*
  • If you are an athelete *
  • If you ingest a low-calorie diet *
  • If you drink a lot of soft drinks or other acidic drinks *
  • If you ingest a lot of protein supplements *
  • To prepare the necessary soil to any pharmacological treatment.*

Mechanism of action:
• It regenerates the buffer systems*
• It alkalizes the extracellular matrix*
• It optimizes the hydrogen ion intra and extracellular concentration gradient*
• It improves the cell membrane permeability*
• It provides the coenzymatic activity mineral support for a correct cell functioning*
• It protects tissues from the degenerative action of acids*


Therapeutic effects:
• It supports cell detoxification*
• It preserves matrix integrity*
• It improves cell metabolic functions*
• It holds back chronic inflammatory processes*
• It holds back tissue degeneration*
• It helps remineralisation*
• It helps digestion*
• It helps body detoxification*

Guna-Basic 15 Sachets | GUNA Biotherapeutics

Homeopathic Medicine 

Average content per daily dose (1 sachet) %RDA/dose

Potassium 300 mg 15
Calcium 240 mg 30
Magnesium 150 mg 40
Silicon 8 mg *
Zinc 7,5 mg 75
Iron 7 mg 50
Manganese 5 mg 250
Copper 0.6 mg 60
Molybdenum 50 mcg 100
Selenium 27,5 mcg 50
Beta-carotene 3,6 mg *

Herbal ingredients
Nettle dry extract 200 mg 
Carrot dry extract 200 mg 
Lemon balm dry extract 200 mg (of which rosmarinic acid 4 mg)
Small-leaved linden dry extract 200 mg (of which bioflavonoids 2 mg)
Fennel dry extract 200 mg 
Dandelion dry extract 200 mg 
The RDA is 1 sachet to be dissolved into half a glass of water, better in the evening before going to sleep and on an empty stomach, for at least 15 days. To help digestion take it after meals

Keep this and all medicines out of the reach of children

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