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Meditation and Inquiry


A bi-monthly group, grounded in heightened states of presence, that focuses on meditation, satsang and inquiry as a support for realizing the aim of going Free. Rather then using the spiritual journey to escape life; we inquire into our actual experience so as to gain freedom in the midst of life; liberated from both attachment and aversion.





v To support Realizing and living from True Nature

v To uncover and develop our Essential Nature

v To understand how we create unnecessary suffering and how to stop it

v To re-orient the mind toward freedom




v A group that focuses on meditation and inquiry

v A means of moving from being a spiritual seeker to a spiritual finder

v A consistent field of group presence and support

v A safe haven for exploring our deepest inner contractions




v n Meditation

v Lecture and dialog

v Inquiry and release practices

v Processes that release emotions and limiting beliefs

v Practices that liberate us from suffering created by attachment or aversion



What If?

v You could be happier and more at peace

v You could experience more inner joy

v You could resolve old emotional wounds and limiting beliefs

v You could realize your Essential Nature





 Free Introductory Lectures

Check our website for additional times and location

Yoga Center of Los Gatos

9 Montebbello Way, Los Gatos

 Thursday October 7   7:30-9:30 PM

Group Meetings

Satsang - Meditation - Inquiry

Tuesday Evenings 7-9:30 Every other week.

Dr. Steven Forrest is the developer of Hologenesis and the Mind Release Process. He is a holistic physician, writer, lecturer and meditation teacher. Hologenesis combines meditation practices and group work as a means of realizing our Essential Nature and True Self.