Gammadyn Oligo Trace Elements

Gammadyn Oligo Trace Elements

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Gammadyn Oligo Trace Elements | Unda

  • Small amounts of minerals not potentized*
  • Stimulate and restoring enzymatic reactions*
  • Usually a minimum of 3 months*
  • Can use for miasms*
  • Mercury detox*
  • Alcohol and sulfite free,*
  • 5% glucose and distilled water*
  • In a gluconate form, best for  the body, more energetically active and easily absorbed.*
  • Typical dose is 1 amp per day for 2-3 months.*
  • Use with drainage remedies such as Gemmotherapies, UNDA’s*

Gammadyn Co – Hypertension*

  • Nervous system*
  • CV system*
  • poor b vitamin absorption*
  • anemia*
  • migraines – 1 amp every 2 hours,  2-6 times daily*
  • instead of B12*

Gammadyn Cu - Colds and Flues, Laryngitis*

  • anti-inflammatory*
  • helps detox the liver*
  • antioxidant*
  • rebuild immune system*
  • increase WBC’s*
  • essential for bacterial and viral infection*
  • needed for hormones.*
  • acute infection – 1 amp per day for 2-3 days*
  • alternate with Zinc for 3-4 days.*
  • inflammation*
  • digestive disorders*

Gammadyn Cu-Au-Ag - Cellulohumoral Immuno depletion*

  • Tuberculinic Miasm*
  • Replaces mercury lead and arsenic*
  • Heavy metal detox*
  • with 48 will help reestablish and clean enzymatic system*
  • Comes in tablet form because of the gold sticking to tube. Sublingual*
  • Chronic fatigue*
  • reoccurring infection*
  • arthritis*
  • activates enzyme system, immune system, adrenals and hormones.*
  • Infertility*
  • URI prevention 1 tab per week in morning*
  • stimulant, take before 4 pm

Gammadyn F - Arthrosis, Decalcification*

  • strengthen bones and teeth*
  • instead of fluoride or use calc flour*
  • Osteoporosis to help absorb calcium*
  • Dental cavities*
  • Arthritis*
  • Menopause*
  • Works on pituitary*

Gammadyn I - Abscesses, Fatigue*

  • Thyroid – to rebuild 1 per day plus Thyrodinim 7ch*
  • Contraindicated with thyroid tumor*
  • Goiter*
  • Hyper or hypo thyroid*
  • supports adrenals*
  • reproductive systems*
  • also liquid iodine*

Gammadyn K - Alcoholism, Neuralgia*

  • Regulates the fluids*
  • Calming for the nervous system*
  • Muscle relaxation*
  • Heart conditions*
  • Good for adrenals and endocrine s*ystem*
  • Dehydration*
  • Arthritis that has fluid retention*
  • Alcoholism*
  • Electrolyte loss due to diarrhea
  • For those that take diuretics, alternative*

Gammadyn Li - Mental disorders, Insomnia*

  • Luetic – Reaction mode 4*
  • Manic depressive*
  • Bipolar*
  • Alcoholism*
  • anorexia bulimia*
  • aluminum toxicity conditions like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's*
  • Balance nervous system*
  • Insomnia due to anxiety or depression*

Gammadyn Mg - Water retention, Asthma*

  • CNS*
  • Any muscle contraction, cramps, digestive cramps*
  • PMS cramping*
  • Motions sickness*
  • Digestive disorders*
  • Hyperactivity*
  • Obesity due to pancreatic issues.*
  • Could also use Mag Phos tissue salts for acute*
  • Not enough to build bone, needs Mg as well.*
  • Rebalance cholesterol*
  • Nausea during pregnancy*
  • Warts with G Cu on alternate days*

Gammadyn Mn - Eczema, Hay fever*

  • Psoric Miasm*
  • Antibiotics and vaccinations can be cleared.*
  • Will displace toxic material*
  • Clears viral and bacterial infections*
  • Allergies and inflammation*
  • Reduces food sensitivities
  • Helps to heal connective tissue*
  • excellent for child eczema and allergies*
  • joint trauma, ligaments, CT, Cartilage, Discs*
  • Endocrine and brain*
  • Hypothyroid*

Gammadyn Mn-Co - Anemia, Anxiety *

  • Luetic Miasm*
  • Anti-aging remedy*
  • Al toxicity affecting brain, ALS, MS, RA, Parkinson's, Alzheimer’s*
  • Helps get the Al out of brain, use long term with breaks*
  • Cancer, leukemia*
  • Elderly with anemia, chronic viral conditions, liver, kidney*

Gammadyn Mn-Cu - Articular pain, Gastritis*

  • Sycotic Miasm*
  • Clears viruses*
  • Hormonal imbalances*
  • Herpes*
  • Sinusitis*
  • All inflammatory disorders*
  • If not sure of Miasm combine with Cu/Au/Silver. Mn/Cu in evening and Cu/Au/Silver in morning. 3 weeks on 1 week for 2-3 months. Could have one Miasm but then a specific Miasm event affecting an organ.*
  • Warts*

Gammadyn Mn-Cu-Co - Colitis, Acne*

  • Reversed degenerative chronic conditions*
  • Inflammatory discourds such as colitis*
  • cardio and respiratory disorders*
  • skin disorders*

Gammadyn Ni-Co - Urinary & Digestive disorders*

  • Effects pituitary*
  • Addressed the pancreas, liver*
  • Good for pre-diabetic*
  • Weight loss – reduces appetite*
  • CHO intolerance*
  • Maintains blood sugar levels*
  • Works on CV system*
  • Gastritis, pancreatitis*

Gammadyn P - Fatigue, Lumbago*

  • Cardio function*
  • Circulatory function*
  • Carpal tunnel*
  • Nervous system damage*
  • Drainage through the liver*
  • Can repair CNS myelin sheath*
  • Osteoporosis*
  • Increase RBC count, anemia*
  • Hormonal regulation*

Gammadyn S - Bronchitis, Gout*

  • Digestive problems*
  • Skin problems*
  • Precursor for bile acid production*
  • Helps metabolism*
  • Increase bile*
  • Liver and kidney support*
  • Reduces inflammation*
  • Rebuilds, joints, connective tissue and skin*

Gammadyn Se - Cardiomyopathy, Inflammation*

  • Anti oxidant*
  • Anti aging*
  • Good for the eyes*
  • Cancer and immune deficiency*
  • Liver detox and general detox support*
  • Protects the body from viral and bacterial infection*
  • Age spots*
  • Helps convert T4 to T3 in hypothyroid*

Gammadyn Zn - Prostatitis, Infertility*

  • Psoric Remedy*
  • Toward end of treatment*
  • Recurring infection*
  • drainage to clear toxic inflammation*
  • Use after doing major drainage*
  • Clears out remaining dysbiosis*
  • Essential for healing*
  • Essential for immune system*
  • Tissue healing*
  • Reproductive system*
  • Prostate issues*
  • Weak libido*
  • Infertility*
  • Acne and skin disorders*
  • Candida*
  • Pituitary disorders*
  • Sun sensitivity or red complexion
  • Clears out remaining viral load after liver is clear.*
  • Can deplete Cu so must alternate if doing long term.*

Gammadyn Zn-Cu - Thyroid & endocrine dysfunctions*

  • Pituitary*
  • Endocrine system*
  • Hormonal, thyroid issues*
  • Infertility*
  • Low libido*
  • Slow metabolism and weight gain*

Gammadyn Zn-Ni-Co - Digestive disorders, Food allergies*

  • Thyroid and pituitary gland*
  • Affinity for pancreas*
  • Balances sugar metabolism*
  • Food intolerance and allergies.*
  • CHO metabolism*
  • Pre-diabetic – alternate with with Mn-Co in am and this in pm*

Not Certain What To Do Next?*
If you are uncertain as to which products or programs to use or which tests to take; or, if you would like additional help:

    • Contact us with a brief question.*
    • Purchase a phone consultation with Dr. Forrest*
    • Call for more information (408) 354-426*

Gammadyn Oligo Trace Elements | Unda


Adults: 1 ampoule every 2 days to 1 ampoule per day. Administer ampoule under the tongue and wait one minute before swallowing. Dose should be taken on an empty stomach. Vary the dosage depending on the seriousness of the condition.

Children under 12: 1 am

Contraindications: If intolerance occurs, reduce frequency. Not indicated for tuberculosis or severe pulmonary affections.

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