Fungal & Mold Infections

Fungus Fungal Infection 

Signs and Symptoms
Look for symptoms aggravation related to mold and fungus:

  • Co-infection with Lyme Disease
  • depression
  • mood changes
  • insomnia
  • neurological issues
  • anxiety
  • neuropathy bilateral. Numbness and tingling bilateral
  • Behavioral issues
  • Learning disorders
  • When primary it will be mucous membranes and itching. Worse in winter and wet seasons.
  • Worse when mold exposed
  • Mood is dark and depressed

Diagnosing Fungal and Mold Infections

  1. Spiro Stat Fungi Testing
  2. Spirostat Lyme Panel
  3. Spiro Stat Babesia Panel

Treatment: Three Components

Limit exposure to external elements


  1. Support immune system
  2. Killing dominant organism
  3. Detoxifying the cells through liver, kidney and lymphatic system.



  1. Support immune system
  2. Kill the Dominant Pathogen
    • Byron White Formulas – non toxic to the liver – A-FNG
      • works within the cell to unload toxic byproducts
  3. Detoxify Out of Body