Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine 
Feel Good Again!

Naturally lasting relief form chronic and debilitating health conditions. Nutritional therapy offers the very best of western scientific testing with holistic clinical nutrition, homeopathy and herbal remedies

Using the latest advances in clinical testing we strive to get at the roots of current health imbalances. Then, rather then just treating the symptoms with drugs or surgery, we work to relieve the causes using a variety of natural non-toxic treatments.

Many of us are told that we have to take a certain drug or have a certain condition for the rest of our lives. In many cases this does not have to be so. By removing the underlying causes and strengthening the body it is often possible to heal long standing health concerns.

Our goal is to have you feeling really good again.

Poor dietary choices, drugs, toxic dentistry, antibiotics, toxic chemicals, negative emotions and fast-paced high stress lifestyles have led to a host of modern health conditions. Add to this the conflicting information from well meaning sources and you have a society with ever decreasing health and quality of life. Cancer, diabetes, arthritis, fatigue, depression are all on the rise.

You know you are not at your best and have not been for some time. Perhaps you are suffering from:


Getting healthy and staying healthy can be a very difficult journey. In the west we have focused on the alleviating of symptoms while not generally removing the cause. Western nutrition has focused on giving all the life promoting nutrients to help support good health. But even this is often not enough. To get at the root of health conditions and bring about a long term positive effect may need something deeper.

As an analogy consider a garden. Perhaps this garden is overrun with weeds and the plants are growing poorly. Western allopathic medicine might try to pull the weeds or bombard them with chemicals. Standard nutrition might give fertilizer. But what if the problem lies deeper. Maybe the problem is that there is poor drainage, faulty irrigation or there is a toxic dump close by. While the previous methods may make some difference it would never really resolve the cause.

Biological therapy starts by addressing the terrain. In our analogy it would start by removing the toxic waste, by improving the drainage and by making sure the irrigation system was fully functional.. By improving the biological terrain of the body many conditions can begin to heal themselves. At this point the proper use of vitamins, minerals and herbs may be of great value.
So when working with a new patient we attempt to assess the biological terrain, the underling biochemistry, the hormones and neurotransmitters. By looking at the person as a whole we are more likely to develop treatment strategies that work.

Nutritional therapy uses state of the art laboratory tests to systematically uncover imbalances and deficiencies in your bodies biochemistry, hormones, neurochemistry. and organ function. Results are analyzed on an individual basis to develop personalized treatment programs.

Each program consists of supplemental nutrients, diet and lifestyle counseling. Ongoing monitoring and re-testing insures optimal results.

HEALING MODEL: 3 Steps to Healing
1. Current Signs and Symptoms
2. History
3. Lab assessment - decide which tests are needed and run them
4. Zyto biometric body scanning. 

1. Balance macro-nutrients
2. Balance micro-nutrients.
3. Restore proper pH - Coral Calcium, Complete Mineral Complex, Trace Mins
4. Balance Hormones - Adrenal Stress Index, NeuroHormonal Tests

1. Open organs of elimination
2. Detoxify Liver, Kidneys and Gut - BodyPure Program
3. Eliminate toxins from diet - Allergy testing
4. Eliminate Heavy Metals - Assess and Treat. Provocative Heavy Metal Testing.
5. Find/eliminate infection/infestation & Biofilms. Stool Parasite and Antigen Testing.
6. Find/eliminate body blocks, Interference fields, spinal subluxations, muscle trigger points & Significant Emotinal Experiences ( EMF's.)

1. Power foods
2. Tonics

•    Anti-Aging Assessment Programs
•    Mood and Energy Assessment of neurotransmitters
•    BioPrint - The Biochemical Physical Examination
•    Health Chek - Comprehensive Health Appraisal
•    ION Individualized Optimized Nutrition
•    Digestive Analysis
•    IGF-I (Biological Age Marker of Growth Hormone)
•    Comprehensive Blood Chemistries
•    Bone Loss Analysis
•    Anemia Tests
•    Cardiac Risk Assessment
•    Parasite Detection
•    Osteoporosis Risk Assessment
•    RAST Food Allergy Testing
•    Amino Acid /Organic Acid Assays
•    Fat, Vitamin & Mineral Metabolism
•    Hormone Imbalances
•    Many Others

Our testing allows us to uncover a wide variety of biochemical, digestive and hormonal problems. The most common findings include neurotransmitter imbalances, food hypersensitivities, parasites, hypoglycemia, poor digestion, high cholesterol and chronic fatigue due to infection or hormonal imbalance. All tests include processing, handling and review of findings.

It is theorized that many diseases can be prevented or reversed by correcting imbalances and deficiencies in the bodies biochemistry long before symptoms appear.

Numerous doctors feel that the major disease killers in this country have a nutritional component. Clinical evidence supports this view. By restoring our body to optimal health we may be able to avoid arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, coronary heart disease and more. We can stop tooth decay with proper prevention, why not other conditions? Our testing allows us to uncover a wide variety of biochemical, digestive and hormonal problems. The most common findings include food hypersensitivities, parasites, hypoglycemia, poor digestion, high cholesterol and chronic fatigue due to infection or hormonal imbalance.


Uncover nutritional and biochemical imbalances and deficiencies.

  1. Comprehensive programs to regain and maintain your optimal health, weight and well-being.
  2. Support, guidance & education that helps you to take charge of your health and well-being.
  3. Enhanced quality of life.

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