Facial & Sinus Bath Iodine Solution

Facial & Sinus Bath Iodine Solution

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Facial & Sinus Bath Iodine SolutionHealthwise

The Healthwise Facial and Sinus Bath is a balance between highly oxidized iodine, purified water and iodine.  This potent solution is a natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and probably the most powerful virucidal known. It is the formulation of these ratios that makes it such a powerful cleanser of the nasal passageways, skin, and eyes.*

Eighty percent of all illnesses enter our body through the nasal mucus membranes. It will bring astonishing results for those with allergies, colds and sinus problems. It is manufactured in a 2 oz. glass bottle with a glass dropper supplied. *

For optimum results, use twice a day.*

Sinus Sufferers!*
Did you know it is a proven fact that 96% of all sinus infections are fungal in nature?  This fungal infection will somtimes lead to a secondary, bacterial infection. *

Because of the anti-fungal properties of our Facial & Sinus Bath solution, daily use per instructions will aid  to eliminate an infection and often prevent getting another one.  This is commonsense at its best, cleansing right where the problem is, in your sinuses.  Patience and perserverance in daily use will bring amazing results. *

The Healthwise Hygiene program brings superior benefits to those suffering from chronic sinus conditions such as sinusitis,allergic rhinitis, seasonal allergy symptoms and a compromised immune system.  Try it and know what it is like to feel good again!*

An Effective, First Line Of Defense Against:

  • ACNE,*
  • OTHER SKIN AILMENTS,    *                                             
  • NAIL FUNGUS        *

Facial Sinus Bath Iodine SolutionHealthwise

Ingredients: potassium iodide, iodine and purified water

SAFE FOR CHILDREN! Adult supervision recommended

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Domitilla Torrens
Feb 29, 2020
This customer purchased the item at our site.
As part of my sinus rinse cocktail, I'm on day 6 and think this is helping me get over a 2-month long post nasal drip/cough so I'll probably be ordering it again soon!

Advantages: It's strong enough that I can feel it having an effect as part of my sinus rinse, but not so strong that I can't stand it :)

Disadvantages: Because it's strong, it's causing some irritation around my nose and upper lip, but I can keep the irritation down by just applying organic coconut oil to the area. .
Lyubov Rich
Oct 5, 2019
Love this product, works well to keep my allergy under control and keep most colds away.
Debaney Lefort
Jul 20, 2019
Have used this sinus and facial wash for years when sinuses get congested or eyes get crusty. It also works well on facial out breaks. So helpful in preventing the need for antibiotics or drugs.

Advantages: It is a convenient home remedy that, once you get used to it, is pleasant and healing.

Disadvantages: There can be a discharge of the solution from your nose as the membranes decongest-
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