EOS Revelation 2 TURBO Undersink Water Ionizer and Alkalizer

EOS Revelation 2 TURBO Undersink Water Ionizer and Alkalizer

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EOS Revelation 2 TURBO Undersink Water Ionizer and Alkalizer

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Engineered by EOS Hi Tech, the state of the art Revelation 2 Undersink Water Ionizer is a welcomed innovation in the area of water ionization. Compact design makes for a powerful addition to practically any kitchen of any size. Enhanced performance capabilities make it possible to clean and ionize all types of water.*

  • New! Turbo Button. One simple push creates the strongest pH water for cooking and disinfecting.*
  • Nine Platinum-Titanium Plates. With patented EOS slotted plate technology.*
  • 325 watts.The power necessary to ionize virtually any US water.*
  • SMPS Electrical System. Reduces heat and increases ionization precision.*
  • 76 pH Levels.More than any other water ionizer! Customizability to fit any water.*
  • 7 Color LCD Screen. Displays pH, ORP, filter life, and more.*
  • 16 Stage Filter System. Best in the industry. Cleans and revitalizes water before it is even ionized! Sulphite free.*
  • Unsurpassed Design. Designed by top EOS engineers to look great and perform better than any other water ionizer.*
  • Automatic Cleaning System. Industry leading. Senses contaminants on plates and only cleans when necessary, so water and energy aren’t wasted.*
  • 5 Year Parts, Labor, and Shipping Warranty, Lifetime Warranty on Plates. Some companies are offering so-called Lifetime warranties. They are very limited. Our warranty is unlimited and covers everything for five years!*
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If not totally satisfied, return it within 60 days for a refund minus the industry standard 15% restocking fee.*


The Revelation 2 Undersink Water Ionizer Operation*


The Revelation 2 Undersink Water Ionizer has all the functionality of the Genesis Platinum, but with all the controls built right into the spigot. Then it adds two more plates for increased power and puts all the filtration and electronics under your sink and out of your way.*


The Revelation 2 Faucet*

The Revelation 2 faucet is designed for ease of use. It has two movable arms to dispense alkaline and acid water. When you select an alkaline level, the alkaline water comes out of the top arm, while the acid water comes out out of the bottom arm, making collection of both waters simple! Simple controls make using the Revelation 2 a breeze!*

There are four levels of alkaline water, four levels of acid water, and a pure water button. To select the level of alkaline water you want, simply push the ALKALINE button until the pH you want is displayed, then press “on” to get that water. Want acid water? Just press the ACID button. Want filtered-only water? Just press the PURE button! Want TURBO water? Hold down the alkaline water button for five seconds and you’ll get the strongest alkaline and acid water instantly!*

The Revelation 2 Base*

Revelation 2 Undersink Water Ionizer

The Revelation base sits under your sink. It houses two filters, nine plates, and the electrical system. There is an inlet for plugging in the power cord. Underneath the base there are inlets for connecting the alkaline and acid water tubes. Installation is simple, please watch the installation video in the product videos tab.*

EOS Revelation TURBO Undersink Water Ionizer and Alkalizer 
Genesis Water Ionizer, the new standard for water ionizers. Dual filtration, SMPS electrical system, extra large platinum titanium mesh plates, touch screen with automatic water flow control, water filter contamination sensors, voice prompts, auto-diagnosis system, and more.

EOS Water Ionizers produce medical grade ionized waterwhich  peer reviewed  research has shown has tremendous health benefits for you and your family.  Using water electrolysis to create alkaline, ionized water is the only way to restore water's naturalantioxidant - hydroxl ions


Natural water, like from a spring or a glacial stream, is full of ions from the sun.  These ions combine with hydrogen to form hydroxl ions, which neutralize free radicals in our body and detoxify us.  But when we take natural water and put it in a tank like at a municipal water treatment plant, or in a bottle, those ions fizzle out and we are left with dead, acidic water with no antioxidants.


Dead, acidic water takes important nutrients and minerals from our body, and builds up acidic waste, leading to a condition called acidosis.  Acidosis starts with muscle aches, poor digestion, poor sleep pattern and irritability, and progresses to adult onset diseases like arthritis, pulmonary disease, and even cancer.


Conversely, alkaline, ionized water as part of an alkaline diet full of alkaline food cleanses the free radicals from our body, neutralizes acid waste with its alkaline properties, and hydrates us three times better than tap or bottled water!


The only way to bring dead water back to life is through water electrolysis and no water ionizer manufacturer on the market does it better than EOS! Plus EOS Water Ionizers havemedical grade water filtration to remove all the dangerous impurities from your water.


EOS Water Ionizers, like the Genesis Platinum and Genesis Equus, and Revelationdistributed by Water for Life USA, are the best health investment for you and your family.  Our water ionizers are KFDA approved as a medical device, FDA listed, NRTL certified for electrical safety, have patented slotted plate technology from the top metal company in Japan, and are backed by an unconditional 5 year parts, labor, and shipping warranty and 60 day money back guarantee.

 Have questions?  Call 877-255-3713 or email us.  We have knowledgeable staff waiting to hear from you!



Product Specifications:




* Spigot:  10.25 inches tall, 2.25 inches wide


* Base: 15.25 inches tall, 11 inches wide, 6 inches deep


* Weight: 14 pounds


* Flow rate:  2.0 to 4.0 liters per minute


* pH Range: 1.5 to 12.5 (depending on source water)



What's in the box?


Revelation Accessories

* Spigot


* Base

* 5/16 inch hose for alkaline water


* 1/4 inch hose for acidic water


* Cold Water Line Diverter Valve


* Power Cord


* Manual


* pH Testing Drops




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