Energetix Tone Remedies: Homeopathic Drainage & Tonification

Energetix Tone Remedies: Homeopathic Drainage & Tonification

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Energetix Tone Remedies: Homeopathic Drainage & Tonification

These remedies are designed to encourage the “opening of the emunctories,” the drainage channels of the body.* These remedies are designed to encourage the “opening of the emunctories,” the drainage channels of the body. Our bodies are always building, incorporating nutrients, but they are also always breaking down and eliminating waste. Some of that waste is natural or metabolic waste, while some waste products are foreign toxins, or xenobiotics, substances that never should have been there in the first place! Either way, it often becomes necessary to assist the drainage capacity of organs or systems or glands, and that is the purpose of these remedies.*

Our drainage-oriented remedies are often used in conjunction with the Attenuated Nosode Detoxifiers in order to assist with eliminating cellular toxins from the body. Look for the products ending in ‘Tone*

Adrenal-Tone (2 oz.)*
Adrenal-Tone may be used in all situations where there is adrenal fatigue, including a wide range of symptoms spanning from exhaustion to sleeplessness.*

CV-Tone (2oz)*

Description: CV-Tone is a homeopathic combination formula for tonification of the cardiovascular system. While covering the cardiovascular system generally, the emphasis in the formula is for symptoms related to the energy...*

Drainage-Tone (2 oz.)*
Drainage-Tone provides gentle yet effective drainage, perfect for supporting children, the elderly and everyone in between*

Flu-Tone (2 oz.)*
Flu-Tone is a homeopathic drainage and tonification remedy designed to uplift and stimulate the immune system, which is essential in the prevention of the cold and flu. Immune-enhancing herbs are also included to nourish the...*

GB-Tone (2 oz.)*
GB-Tone assists with any healing strategy where gall bladder drainage in indicated.*

Inflamma-Tone (2 oz.)*
Inflamma-Tone combines a unique blend of homeopathic ingredients at a 3X potency such as Belladonna, Aconitum Napellus, Bryonia Alba and Chamomilla Matricaria to assist with both acute and/or chronic inflammation throughout.*

Kidney-Tone (2 oz.)*
Kidney-Tone is formulated with abundant kidney sarcodes to provide a blueprint for rebuilding healthy tissue as well as a wide variety of homeopathic ingredients to support kidney drainage and tonification.*

Liver-Tone (2 oz.)*
Liver-Tone is formulated with abundant liver sarcodes to offer liver support in addition to homeopathic ingredients that support liver drainage and tonification. Download Product Knowledge Guides: Practitioner ATP, Germanium...*

Lymph-Tone I (Acute) (2 oz.)*
Lymph-Tone I is designed to assist in the beginning stages of blockages where the body can begin to react due to insufficient resources to successfully excrete toxins.*

Lymph-Tone II (Cellular/Chronic) (2 oz.)*
Lymph-Tone II provides homeopathic drainage support for cellular/chronic conditions. Can be used with all healing strategies where chronic disease and/or toxic burden is indicated.*

Lymph-Tone III (Compensatory) (2 oz.)*
Lymph-Tone III is designed to assist the body with homeopathic drainage for compensatory conditions To be utilized with all healing strategies where compensatory and degenerating toxic burden is indicated.*

ReHydration (2 oz.)*
ReHydration may be used to enhance any healing strategy where dehydration and/or fluid imbalance are indicated.*

Relax-Tone (2 oz.)*
Relax-Tone offers homeopathic support for anxiety, grief, insomnia and other signs of acute emotional stress.*

Relief-Tone (2 oz.)*
Relief-Tone is a Drainage and Tonification remedy that may be used in any healing strategy to assist with pain, inflammation and recovery after physical trauma.*

Sinus-Tone (2 oz.)*
Sinus-Tone is a homeopathic drainage blend designed to assist with breaking up sinus congestion, supporting the mucous lining of the body, and may be used to provide relief while simultaneously addressing causal factors...*

Throat Spray Tone (2 oz.)*
Throat Spray Tone contains a combination of homeopathics historically used to fight infection and support the immune system, while providing fast-acting or long-term relief for throat irritations. This is an excellent remedy...*

Energetix Tone Remedies: Homeopathic Drainage & Tonification

Recommended Usage: Take 30 drops orally twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Shake well.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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